I would like to know how to read the results report downloaded from the RESmart device.

In the graph showing the details of each day. The first graph is the pressure in each minute. This one, if it is a Manual machine, will show the set pressure value. But if it's an Auto machine, it will automatically show the pressure that the machine changes.

The second graph shows the level of snoring. Here the machine detects from the vibration of our breath. If using a CPAP machine, we won't hear a snoring sound, but there may be a vibration of the breath. It is counted as a percentage, for example, 10 breaths, snoring 1 time is counted as 10%, etc. Snoring is not as serious as cessation of breathing. However, it should not exceed 10-15%.

The third graph shows air leaks. The vertical graph is displayed in x10 Liter/min units, for example, if showing the 5th value, it indicates that there is a leak of 50 liters of air per minute, etc. If there is a slight leak, the machine will automatically compensate the pressure. (Available for all models), however, the leak level should not exceed 30 liters per minute.

The last one is a graph showing Apnea and Hypopnea. The pink graph shows Apnea and the green graph shows Hypopnea. 20 seconds etc. However, the program can only be displayed for a maximum of 60 seconds. The AHI value will be displayed on the summary page.

Returning to the summary page (first page), the values have the following meanings.

  • Int is the initial set voltage.
  • Mean is the average daily pressure.
  • P95 is the optimal pressure for treatment.
  • Leaks here show the total number of hours the leak occurred.
  • Compl. (Compliance) Displays the total number of hours used that night.
  • AHI (Apnea-Hypopnea Index) shows the index of apnea and hyperventilation in sleep, the unit is the average number of breaths per hour (AHI value should not exceed 5).
  • SNI (Snoring Index) shows the snoring index. The unit is the average number of strokes per hour (the SNI value should not exceed 5 as well).