How is the Auto type different from the Manual type (constant pressure)?

The Auto CPAP or Auto-adjusting CPAP machine automatically adjusts to the proper air pressure for us throughout the night. We just set the pressure range, such as 5-15 cmH2O, etc. The device will supply air pressure according to our breathing conditions, for example, while the pressure device is at 5, then we have sleep apnea. or more severe snoring The machine will calculate and pay higher pressure to 6 or 7, etc.

Manual CPAP machines will give a constant pressure that we set all night, such as 8 cmH2O etc.

Normally, we will know the proper pressure level to treat snoring from doing a sleep test, which makes it possible to choose to buy a manual CPAP machine to use by allowing the machine to release the air pressure to the level that you want. we set Static all the time, but in the event that you do not do a sleep test or do not use a CPAP machine from a sleep test, it is recommended to use an automatic machine (Auto CPAP) because the machine will automatically find the appropriate pressure for us all the time. which we don't have to know the voltage value because the machine will find it for you Another advantage of automatic machines over manual machines is that you don't have to keep adjusting the pressure if there are changes in the future, such as increasing age and weight. Or on some nights that need more pressure than usual due to exhaustion from exertion, playing sports or drinking alcoholic beverages, etc.

Auto CPAP machine
– Automatically adjusts the appropriate pressure.
– less uncomfortable because the pressure is not high all night
- Easy to maintain, no need to constantly adjust the pressure setting
– Expensive

Manual CPAP machine
- cheaper than automatic
- more uncomfortable Especially if you want to work at high pressure.
- Have to keep adjusting the pressure setting