What is the difference between the DreamStation CPAP machine and the Transcend 365?

Philips DreamStation (full-sized unit – home-focused)

  • It is larger in size and heavier (about 1 kg).
  • can set various directly through the device screen
  • Provides softer flow and a quieter sound
  • Detect other sleep disorders that can be more than the basic value, such as periodic breathing, etc.
  • Suitable mainly for home use.
  • Humidifiers are larger. use more water
  • In the case of using a battery It cannot be used with a humidifier.

Transcend 365 (small device – focus on travel)

  • Smaller and lighter (about 360g)
  • Wind force (Flow) is stronger and louder.
  • Detects basic sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. shortness of breath, etc.
  • Suitable for frequent travellers. focus on off-site use
  • Humidifiers are smaller, use less water.
  • In the case of using a battery Can be used with a humidifier (humidifier)

Other than that, there are the same basic features such as a color LCD screen for displaying usage and various settings, a system to reduce exhalation resistance, Ramp time, support for humidifiers and batteries, can store usage data and can be printed as a report, etc.