Can the CPAP machine be disbursed from government service?

The CPAP machine can be disbursed for 20,000 baht. The purchaser must be a civil servant under the Comptroller General's Department. The prescription is issued by a doctor from a government hospital. If you buy a CPAP with us, we can process the paperwork with the hospital for you. You just bring complete documents from us to withdraw with your agency.

Additional information:

For government officials / pensioners / state enterprise employees And related persons with rights such as parents, spouses (children-daughters who are not over 20 years old) can exercise the rights as follows:

  • Able to reimburse sleep analysis fee (Sleep Test) according to the right (7,000 baht)
  • Able to reimburse the treatment machine (CPAP) according to the right (20,000 baht) in case the machine cannot be repaired. Can be replaced every 5 years
  • Able to reimburse for one set of nose or mouth masks that can be used with CPAP machines (4,000 baht) per year.