How should I clean my Cpap machine? Is there any part that can be removed to wash with water?


– Wipe the mask every morning. By using a cloth or tissue moistened with water mixed with shampoo or mild soap. (Do not use hot water) Wipe and rub gently on the parts that are in contact with the surface to remove oily stains. then wipe it off with a dry cloth
– Wash the air ducts at least once every 1 week with plain water (not hot water) and let them air dry.
– Change the air filter every 2 months or less if the filter is found to be very dirty. which the user can unpack to see at any time To order a new filter, contact the company at 02-462-6441 or 082-2233-710.
– The machine, use a dry cloth or a damp cloth to wipe around, do not wash with water.