I have been using RESmart for almost a year now. Data download time will take a very long time. I don't know what to do.

RESmart CPAP / Auto CPAP machines can record machine usage data for up to 365 days. However, if the machine has been used for more than 6 months, the data in the machine's built-in memory will gradually increase. Because the machine will keep a record of our usage every night that is used. This may result in downloading to your computer taking longer than usual. The solution for us to clean the data inside the machine every 3-4 months with the following methods.

  • Download the latest data to your computer.
  • Write down the settings of the machine on a piece of paper as deleting this information will cause the settings to be lost. For example, the pressure value is also reset. Therefore, users will have to reset all settings after clearing the data. The values to take note are: Init P, APAP P, Ramp, Max APAP.
  • Access the User Menu by pressing and holding the Ramp Button ( ) located to the right of the On/Off button for about 5 seconds while the machine is turned off. (But plugged in) until the screen shows the word Heater.
  • Press the (+) button to scroll to the Date menu to see the display showing the current date (YY MM DD).
  • Press the Ramp Button 1 time to enter the Year menu and then press the (-) button until Year = 2097, then press the Ramp Button 1 time.
  • Enter the Month menu and set Month = 07 by using the (+) / (-) button, then press the Ramp Button 1 time.
  • Enter the Day menu and set Day = 01 by using the (+) / (-) button, then press the Ramp Button 1 time.
  • The screen will enter the Hour menu, press the On/Off button (red center) 1 time, then the device will return to display normal screen (stand by) to complete the procedure.
  • Rework all settings as noted earlier: Init P, APAP P, Ramp, Max APAP.
  • The next download, press the Download button in the RESmart program, then the program will ask if you want to update the data on the original file or not (Would you want to update this patient archive?), press Yes. will be added to the original file. Whereas the previous data that you have already downloaded remains intact.
  • It only deletes usage data. Accumulated hours and days of use will remain.