What is the difference between AirSense and AirStart CPAP machines?

same point

  1. It is a type of machine that adjusts pressure automatically (Auto CPAP).
  2. same size and weight
  3. Provides pressure values from 4-20 CmH2O
  4. Comes with a built-in humidifier
  5. The same can be detected for the sleep apnea index (AHI).

spot the difference

  1. AirSense has an Auto Ramp system, when turned on. The machine will release air pressure at a low level. Before the time we set, for example 10 minutes, so that we can start falling asleep easily. and if the device detects apnea during this period The machine will increase the pressure to maintain immediately. In AirStart, the machine will release low pressure air. Until the time we set, even if there is apnea.
  2. AirSense comes with a temperature control tube. To prevent condensation in the tube, the AirStart part comes with a simple tube.
  3. AirSense comes with a built-in cellular system to automatically collect usage data on the cloud. Downloading results can be done via a Web browser such as Chrome without having to have the device nearby. AirStart will store data on the device only. Result download must be done via SD Card only.
  4. AirSense detects more sleep breathing disorders, including AHI, Obstructive Apnea Index, Central Apnea Index, Hypopnea Index, and Cheyne-Stokes Respiratory. AirStart will only detect AHI.