Cleaning a calc-contaminated water bottle

Descaling in the humidifier water bottle

  • Initially soaked with warm water for a while to loosen the slag. Or mix 1 drop of vinegar in water to remove scale buildup. Depending on the embedding of the stain as well How much or how long have you left it?
  • Then rinse thoroughly several times until no smell of vinegar remains.
  • Then wipe with a clean dry cloth. or hang in the shade until dry

*Do not wash with alcohol or hot water. and do not expose to the sun

Preventing scale build-up The following water should be used.

  • Recommended: boiled water, bottled water, Sterile water
  • Not recommended: salt water, mineral water, tap water.

More details about Sterile water

There are three types of Sterile water:

  1. Sterile water for injection = for injection into the body
  2. Sterile water for irrigation = external flushing
  3. Sterile water for inhalation = Used for ventilator humidifier or oxygen concentrator. (Some brands will write Sterile water for Humidifier)

In case you want to use Sterile water Sterile water for inhalation (or Sterile water for Humidifier) is recommended only.

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