How are oxygen concentrators different from oxygen cylinders?

How are oxygen concentrators different from oxygen cylinders?

After getting to know about oxygen concentrators in the article. What is an oxygen concentrator? In this article we will describe oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders. that there are some differences and how to use it

Get to know Oxygen Concentrator and Oxygen tank

oxygen concentrator It is a medical device designed to produce higher concentrations of oxygen. For use in oxygen therapy, it is often used in conjunction withVentilator such as machine CPAP or BiPAP according to the doctor's advice

oxygen tank part inability to produce oxygen by itself It is only a steel cylinder used to contain oxygen gas only. There are also many sizes according to the amount of oxygen contained within the tank to choose from.

A throat aspiration is performed in patients who have a condition that blocks the airway so that they are unable to breathe on their own. whether it is acute or chronic including unconscious patients Paralyzed patients and bedridden patients who need to be intubated for a long time until causing a breakdown in the larynx area

How is an Oxygen Concentrator different from an Oxygen tank and how should I choose one?

Actually, the purpose of using an oxygen concentrator and an oxygen cylinder is not much different. Both of these are used for oxygen therapy to treat patients with various respiratory diseases. so that the patient receives enough oxygen for the body

However, both oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders have slightly different advantages and disadvantages:

Oxygen Concentrator


  • Easier to use than an oxygen tank.
  • It's more convenient and saves time. because it does not need to add oxygen frequently like using an oxygen tank
  • cost savings If you want to use it for a long time


  • It works only when there is electricity.
  • It cannot be used while traveling, except for a portable oxygen concentrator that can be used with a spare battery.

oxygen tank


  • The oxygen concentration is higher than the oxygen concentrator, at 99%.
  • Can be used on cars It can be more convenient to move if choosing a small oxygen tank.


  • waste of time due to having to constantly replenish oxygen
  • cost a lot If you want to use it for a long time


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