• Dust filter (Filter) for Transcend Auto CPAP to cure snoring and treat snoring

    Reusable Pollen Filter for Transcend (1/pk)

    350.00 ฿

    The Coarse Air Filter for the Transcend family of machines is a reusable filter. Can be removed for cleaning It should be washed with water every 2 weeks and the pads should be replaced every 6 months.

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  • Transcend Hose Adapter

    Transcend Universal Hose Adapter

    750.00 ฿

    Couplings for use with the Transcend family so that it can be connected to general air ducts.

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  • Transcend Universal Power Supply

    Transcend Universal Power Supply

    2,700.00 ฿

    transformer For use with Transcend family of devices

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  • Transcend CPAP pocket size for travel

    Transcend CPAP + Mask

    23,000.00 ฿

    Portable CPAP machine, fixed pressure type (Fixed CPAP)