Measures for cleaning machines and equipment for trial use.

NK is available for customers who try CPAP machines.

Hello, today I have information to update for everyone who is interested or about to start trying CPAP, BiPAP machines. In order to increase the safety and confidence of our customers, the NK Sleepcare team has added preventive measures and security Clean your CPAP machine, BiPAP mask and all equipment before delivering them to you. as follows

Measures for cleaning machines and equipment

  • All CPAP, BiPAP machines - external cleaning with disinfectant
  • Equipment bag - wash and ozone dry to kill germs.
  • Masks, ducts and coarse filters – wash with disinfectant. and take it to the ozone oven to kill germs again

The company will have documents to confirm cleaning for you every time, such as specifying the solution used. Time taken, etc., and will be signed by the relevant staff in each step. Which this document we will let the customer read and acknowledge every time

In addition, all staff who have to work closely with customers The company will have a fever test. and check travel history regularly To ensure that all staff who go to work are not at risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Measures for the conduct of the staff who deliver the experimental machine to the customer

All staff close to customers The following must be done.

  1. Must wear a hygienic mask or cloth mask along with Face Shield and gloves every time.
  2. Wash your hands with alcohol gel before handling the device.
  3. Body temperature measurement for both staff and customers

Agents and customers can refuse to test the machine. If the following cases are found

  • Officers do not follow the precautions mentioned above, such as not wearing masks.
  • It was found that in the kit there is no confirmation of cleaning from the company.
  • Staff took body temperature and found that he had a fever.

The NK Sleepcare team is ready to serve you with confidence. And we will go through this crisis together.

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