54 facts about CPAP, a snoring treatment machine

54 facts about CPAP

Snoring is a health problem caused by narrowing of the upper respiratory tract. which occurs while sleeping causing the air to move through the constricted airways There is a vibration of the throat tissue. causing a snoring sound while sleeping

In addition, snoring caused by narrowing of the upper respiratory tract Also resulting in breath not being able to easily pass through the trachea and lungs causing sleep problems Insomnia or restless sleep because the body does not get enough oxygen

In addition, snoring also results in sleep apnea. with intermittent respiratory arrest resulting in physical exhaustion poor mental health sleepy during the day and cause performance to decrease 

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sleep apnea with treatment with a CPAP machine

sleep apnea symptoms It is a breathing disorder that occurs during sleep. The dangers of sleep apnea In addition to making the body exhausted from insomnia or waking up often causing excessive sleepiness in the daytime It also results in poor concentration and memory. Including the occurrence of various diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, acute myocardial infarction from ischemia. arrhythmias cerebrovascular disease

One of the methods for treating snoring to prevent sleep apnea That will affect other health problems is treatment with a CPAP machine or a CPAP ventilator In this article, we will get to know the CPAP machine, this snoring treatment device.

1. What is CPAP?

CPAP is a type of breathing machine. Used to treat snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea; OSA can be treated at all levels. Especially those with moderate to severe symptoms (Moderate to Severe OSA) and CPAP machines that doctors around the world use to treat snoring. and sleep apnea Divided into many forms or types, including

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2. Can using a CPAP machine really prevent snoring?

A CPAP machine is a medical device used to treat snoring. Effective prevention of sleep apnea Which is medically considered the most effective snoring treatment without surgery The main principle for preventing or treating snoring is blowing air pressure through the nose or mouth through the throat and base of the tongue, which is the upper respiratory tract, to keep it open all the time without being obstructed. block while sleeping

3. Working mechanism of CPAP machine

The working mechanism of the CPAP machine normally occurs when sleeping when the neck muscles relax and block the airway. Causes narrowing of the upper respiratory tract when the airway is blocked until it becomes smaller or narrower, causing snoring while sleeping. Therefore, the working mechanism of the CPAP machine is to cover the patient's nose while sleeping. which the mask will be connected to the machine which while working there will be pressure or can drive air out The air blown in will widen the airways. causing no obstruction of the airway while sleeping so no snoring and no apnea during sleep

4. Nasal type CPAP mask

Nasal Mask (Nasal Mask) is a mask for use with a ventilator to treat snoring, also called a CPAP mask. triangular nose mask Used to cover the bridge of the nose down to the user's lips. The nasal CPAP mask comes with a strap. and silicone nose pads for all sizes such as S, M, L, MW cushions

Associated CPAP devices: Nasal Mask

5. Air tube, breathing apparatus, CPAP

nasal respirator mask There are important equipment including The tube that connects the CPAP machine and the mask, which can be used with all models of CPAP machines. 2 times a month

6. Operation of CPAP machines

How CPAP machines work treat snoring Prevention of sleep apnea by blowing air pressure through the nose or mouth through the throat and base of the tongue to open and expand all the time without obstruction while sleeping The operation of the CPAP machine can be set to limit the pressure to suit the user.

7. Setting up the CPAP machine

CPAP machine settings depend on the choice of machine type such as Auto CPAP, Manual CPAP / Fixed CPAP, or Bilevel PAP or BiPAP. The air pressure can be adjusted to suit the severity of snoring. However, any settings or adjustments It should only be taken under the guidance of a doctor or specialist.

8. How does a CPAP machine treat snoring?

Working principles of CPAP machines to treat snoring The machine will suck air from outside. through the dust filter And producing pressurized air to be sent out through the trachea into the mask that covers the patient's nose and through the respiratory system Effectively prevents snoring Because of the important factor of snoring Caused by narrowing of the airways When breathing while sleeping causes the muscles to vibrate like a snoring sound. Using a CPAP machine, the air pressure through the trachea enters the patient's nasal mask to help widen the airway. It makes breathing easier, reduces snoring problems, and is a non-surgical way to treat snoring.

9. CPAP machines treat snoring patients with allergies.

Allergic stuffy nose Is a major cause of obstructive breathing disorders during sleep causing the patient to have severe snoring Treatment with a CPAP machine makes breathing easier. reduce snoring The patient breathes through the nose better. Helps reduce nasal congestion from allergies make breathing easier

10. CPAP is the most effective anti-snoring device.

CPAP is the most effective device to prevent snoring. Because it is a modern medical device that meets standards Suitable for people with normal snoring problems. or moderate to severe snoring with sleep apnea Whether choosing an Auto or Manual CPAP machine, the results in treating snoring are the same.

11. The use of CPAP machines in patients with sleep apnea

Using a CPAP machine to treat patients with sleep apnea There are studies from around the world indicating that using a CPAP machine is a treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. moderate or severe with the best performance Help patients not have to treat with surgery. and also helps patients sleep better along with receiving air while sleeping fully wake up refreshed There is no fatigue and does not cause sleepiness during the day. which is a problem resulting in decreased performance

12. Severe snoring, which model of CPAP machine should I use?

CPAP machines are medical devices. Used to treat snoring with mild, moderate to severe snoring. There are many models such as Manual CPAP that provides constant pressure. With this model, the user must adjust the pressure manually, while the Auto CPAP model can automatically adjust the pressure throughout the night. This is a very popular model for the BIPAP model, it is a 2-level pressure model suitable for patients with severe snoring. That cannot use the Auto CPAP model, which the BIPAP model is an inhalation air compressor. Pressure can be adjusted to 2 levels

Recommended equipment: BiPAP (Bi-level Positive Airwar Pressure) Ventilator

13. What is the difference between a CPAP machine and a BiPAP machine?

A CPAP machine is a device to treat snoring. constant pressure suitable for patients with severe symptoms and requires constant pressure, with a CPAP machine delivering only one level of pressure, while the BiPAP machine is a 2-level pressure snoring device for patients with severe sleep apnea low blood oxygen It requires a high-pressure, adjustable pressure machine, which makes BiPAP machines much more expensive than CPAP machines.

14. CPAP machine and BiPAP machine, which one to choose ?

CPAP machines and BiPAP machines are devices for the treatment of obstructive airway sleep apnea. Help treat snoring with a similar functioning system. But there will be different pressure levels. The working CPAP machine will have a constant pressure level. It is suitable for patients with mild snoring, while BiPAP has 2 pressure levels, making it suitable for patients with severe sleep apnea.

15. What is the difference between CPAP and APAP ventilators?

CPAP is a conventional, constant pressure breathing apparatus. Help treat respiratory obstruction while sleeping. It is a way to treat snoring. Prevent severe symptoms until sleep apnea occurs. APAP is an automatic air pressure blower. Patients will be comfortable not having to worry about setting or adjusting the pressure used to treat snoring. and more expensive

16. Tiny Mini CPAP Machine

Mini CPAP machine is a device to help breathe while sleeping. prevent snoring Standard constant pressure version Small size, easy to carry easy to carry Small, compact, lightweight, battery-operated. Suitable for users who have to travel often because patients can carry it to travel more conveniently.

17. Who is the portable CPAP machine suitable for?

CPAP machine, a medical device used to treat snoring There are many models and sizes for portable CPAP machines. It is a small and compact machine. Suitable for those who like to travel can be easily contacted or carried around and can also be stored in a suitcase and can be carried on the plane

18. Advantages of treating snoring with a small CPAP machine

CPAP machine, breathing apparatus for sleep apnea Prevent snoring and sleep apnea Advantages of treating snoring with a regular CPAP machine that has constant pressure. It does not need to be adjusted or set up, lightweight, small in size that can be easily carried and carried around. Battery can be used

19. Disadvantages and side effects of using a CPAP machine

CPAP machines are sleep breathing devices. Effectively treats snoring The disadvantage or side effect of using a CPAP machine is that during the first use it may feel annoying or not impressive. It's not easy to breathe out. The mask may not be the right size for use. Used too tightly can cause pressure marks. If it's loose, it can be annoying. The operation of the machine requires air to be blown through the user's nose every night. Side effects from long-term use May cause nasal congestion, runny nose, nasal pain, nosebleed.

20. What are the benefits of a CPAP ventilator?

CPAP ventilators are useful for patients with all levels of snoring problems. ranging from normal snoring to moderate and severe snoring with sleep apnea Treatment with a CPAP ventilator allows for a good night's sleep. Alleviate the problem of drowsiness during the day The sound of snoring does not disturb close people. Effective treatment of snoring without surgery And CPAP ventilators are diagnosed by doctors and professionals. that if using the CPAP machine all night and every night will have a positive effect on health both in the short term and in the long term

21. How to use a CPAP machine

A CPAP machine is a device that blows air to open the airway. Helps treat snoring Prevention of sleep apnea The use of the CPAP machine is started only when the patient is about to sleep. The type of machine will have both a nose mask type. nasal mask and covers the mouth and nose

22. How to use the full mouth and nose CPAP mask

CPAP machine for treating snoring There are several models, and the standard has three mask methods: nasal CPAP mask, nasal CPAP mask, and full mouth CPAP mask. For how to use a full mouth and nose CPAP machine Suitable for people who sleep with their mouth open. Available in both silicone and gel form. The advantage is to solve the problem of air pressure leaking from the mouth. But there may be side effects from use. causing flatulence because the wind flows into the stomach

23. Using a CPAP machine, there is air leaking from the front, what is the cause?

CPAP is a device to treat snoring. The principle of operation of a CPAP machine is to blow air pressure through the nose or mouth. through the throat and base of the tongue to allow the air channel to expand all the time not cause obstruction while sleeping which causes snoring and have apnea while lying back Problems from using a CPAP machine if you feel that there is air leaking from the front. Mask leakage is usually caused by the type or the size of the mask used is not suitable for the face shape The solution is to adjust or choose a mask to fit the face shape. will reduce the problem of air leaking out in front

24. Methods and procedures for using a CPAP device to cure snoring

Methods and procedures for using a CPAP machine, a device to cure snoring, there are 5 steps as follows:

  1. Place the CPAP machine next to the bed.
  2. Plug the power plug into the machine.
  3. Connect the air hose to the machine and the mask.
  4. put on the mask
  5. Turn it on and go to bed as usual.

25. Treat snoring with a CPAP machine.

Using a CPAP machine is the primary treatment for snoring. without surgical treatment As a treatment for moderate or severe obstructive sleep apnea. The best performing CPAP machine has an easy to use procedure. and the cost is cheaper than surgery

26. CPAP machines maintain the temperature and humidity of the air.

To treat snoring with a CPAP machine, the air tube is designed to maintain the temperature and humidity of the air passing through the tube. humidity controller The temperature can be set through the pipe from 16 to 30 degrees Celsius, helping to create the ideal humidity during the night as well. Reduce side effects caused by using a ventilator such as dry mouth, dry throat, nasal congestion or have nosebleeds

27. Benefits of using a CPAP machine to treat snoring

Using a CPAP machine to treat snoring If used regularly every night will have a positive effect on health. No more snoring problems. able to sleep soundly through the night wake up feeling refreshed no signs of exhaustion Reduce the risk of sleep apnea Reduce the risk of diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

28. Common problems when using a CPAP machine

Common problems with using a CPAP machine include side effects from using a CPAP machine, such as feeling uncomfortable due to too strong air pressure. may need to be modified to a model that can adjust the pressure Side effects from the size of the mask that is not suitable for the face, causing air leakage from the mask or the mask strap being too tight causing pressure marks on the bridge of the nose Side effects from using a CPAP machine and insomnia due to unfamiliarity and may have dry mouth, dry throat, nasal congestion nosebleeds, annoyances, or frequent awakenings

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29. Flatulence, a side effect from treating snoring with a CPAP machine.

For patients with severe snoring and have sleep apnea which is harmful to health and is a risk factor for various chronic diseases Treatment with a CPAP machine can effectively prevent snoring. Effective treatment of apnea reversal But there may be a side effect from treatment with a CPAP machine that causes bloating. or feeling compressed because of the flow of air into the stomach

30. CPAP machine, breathing apparatus for newborns

CPAP machine breathing apparatus It is not a medical device used only to treat snoring. But there are also CPAP machines, breathing equipment for newborns. due to low birth weight babies Or some people have disabilities that require a ventilator from birth. who are critically ill while in the ICU or used at home when the baby is brought back to care at home

31. What are CPAP devices?

A CPAP machine is a device used to treat snoring. or a ventilator to prevent sleep apnea There are many brands and models. Including other equipment that is an important component of the machine, including an air pressure generator The mask and head strap, the air duct and other accessories such as the steam machine. humidifier or replacement mask can be purchased from the Medical Device and Equipment Distribution Center who is a distributor in Thailand

32. CPAP mask strap

The CPAP mask strap is a device or chin strap used with CPAP machines. It can be adjusted to fit the patient's face shape. Makes you sleep soundly, doesn't wake up often, helps solve the problem of sleeping with your mouth open. Help prevent air from leaking from the mouth while using the CPAP machine. There are many models, prices and brands. Dealers are ready to give advice on how to use it properly.

33. Cleaning the CPAP ventilator

A CPAP ventilator is a device that is routinely used while sleeping to treat snoring. Cleaning a CPAP ventilator is therefore important and it is essential that patients learn how to properly maintain and clean the machine. and should be cleaned every 2 weeks and cleaned in the morning that is well ventilated so that the machine and equipment can be dried in time for use at night by cleaning in the following steps:

  • Remove the tube from the CPAP machine and mask.
  • Clean with mild soapy water. or baby bottle cleaner
  • Then wipe around the pipe and hang it in the shade. or let the air dry Avoid bringing it to the sun.

34. Ozone sterilization cleans CPAP respirators.

Cleaning your CPAP respirator in addition to cleaning it yourself. There is also a service center that uses ozone to kill germs, clean CPAP machines and equipment that can eliminate odors. and kill germs such as bacteria, viruses, fungi in one step Makes machine users who do not have time to do cleaning by themselves more comfortable.

35. CPAP spare parts distribution center

For the CPAP machine is a device to treat snoring. or breathing apparatus That helps prevent sleep apnea. which is a very common health problem Especially for people with severe snoring, a CPAP machine is a medical device that has many important parts of the machine. when used for a long time These components can deteriorate or become damaged. Therefore, the representative center, in addition to selling CPAP machines with a complete set of equipment There are also spare parts for sale of all brands and models at a special price. Some also repair ventilators to prevent snoring for all models and brands.

36. CPAP machine price

A CPAP machine is a medical device used to treat snoring. to prevent sleep apnea There are many models available at different prices. and many brands The selling price is in the range of 20,000 – 60,000 baht depending on the brand. It is a device that is standardized to treat snoring. Effective prevention of sleep apnea Selling both cash price and installment 0% via credit card. with after-sales service from dealers

See prices for all CPAP machines of NK Sleepcare.

37. Philips brand CPAP machine price

Philips CPAP machine price There are various prices. Starting at 38,000 baht per device, depending on the model and model of the device. Sold with a complete set of equipment Selling a special price with promotions from dealers Lifetime maintenance service available. The device has a 0% installment guarantee via credit card. Free delivery nationwide

38. Does the Philips brand CPAP respirator treat snoring well?

Philips CPAP respirator, snoring treatment equipment, international quality standards Effective treatment of snoring helps to sleep soundly Prevention of sleep apnea It is a popular medical device. can effectively treat snoring is an imported product Sold by an official representative in Thailand.

39. Where to buy a CPAP machine?

CPAP machines, medical equipment used for the treatment of snoring are imported from abroad. Trading can be done in many ways, such as buying from foreign countries, importing products from China and Europe, or ordering from dealers in Thailand. from the official CPAP machine distribution center in Thailand

40. Distributor of CPAP machines, devices for treating snoring in Thailand.

CPAP machine for treating snoring It is an imported product from abroad. by importing from Germany or from China Imported by a company in Thailand Most of which have promotional products at special prices. with after sales service by a quality team trained directly from the manufacturer

41. NK Sleep Care Co., Ltd. CPAP machine distribution center

NK Sleep Care Co., Ltd. is one of the distributors of CPAP machines in Thailand. It is a distribution center for medical devices and equipment for doctors and surgeons, selling all models of CPAP machines and respirators, and recommending the use of CPAP machines by experts. Selling and providing after-sales service Take care of advice throughout the lifetime.

42. CPAP machines are available at some government hospitals.

CPAP Machine Medical Equipment treat snoring Available in some government hospitals such as Chulalongkorn Hospital Ramathibodi Hospital and Thammasat University Hospital, Rangsit Center, Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, where those who have the right to reimburse for a CPAP machine can treat snoring at 20,000 baht, available for all models. Ready to receive advice from experts.

See a list of snoring hospitals with a doctor's check-up schedule.

43. Reviews, recommending which brand of CPAP is good from Kathu Pantip

For buying a CPAP if the patient doesn't know which brand to buy. Recommend buying by studying the information Sharing treatment for snoring with CPAP from members of the Pantip website not only lets you know which brands are available, reviews of each brand of CPAP machines also makes you know the advantages and disadvantages that are different. Reviews of using CPAP machines to treat snoring. or breathing apparatus There are both Auto CPAP, Manual CPAP / Fixed CPAP reviews, Bilevel PAP or BiPAP reviews, and recommendations. Choosing to buy or how to use the machine Make it easier for buyers to make decisions.

44. Price for each model of CPAP machine

The price of each CPAP machine has different features to use. Including various functions of the machine used for treating snoring, starting from 10,000 – 60,000 baht depending on the model, brand and country of manufacture. For the price of each CPAP machine that is sold at the representative center in Thailand, for example

  • CPAP Philips model Dorma 500 Auto CPAP with mask and humidifier, special discount price
    At 38,000 baht, it is an automatic positive pressure air compressor (Auto CPAP), an economical model from Philips Respironics, USA.
  • Uwish Auto CPAP with mask, automatic pressure adjustment, price 45,000 baht
    CPAP Philips model DreamStation Auto Standard set consists of a CPAP machine and
    Mask price 59,000 baht
  • DreamStation Go Auto CPAP pocket size with batteries and complete set of masks, price 89,000

Each distribution center or distributor of CPAP machines also has a special promotion. with warranty card and after-sales service throughout the lifetime Buyers can try the machine for free. before making a purchase

45. Order a CPAP machine from abroad, Germany or China. or buy from an agent in Thailand Which is better?

CPAP machine for treating snoring It is an imported product from abroad. in Thailand There will be a company or an official distributor in the country. Selling CPAP machines

With all kinds of equipment and all brands, such as CPAP machines manufactured from Germany, CPAP machines imported from China, cheap prices, quality products made in China. Choosing to buy or order from abroad, the price may be cheaper. But there may be import tax and need to go through customs. which must comply with the legal principles of importation

46. Buy a CPAP machine from abroad. Is it cheaper or more expensive than buying from an agent in Thailand?

Choosing a CPAP machine to prevent snoring Which is a product or medical device that is produced and sold abroad. For Thailand, the CPAP machine is an anti-snoring device. It is an imported medical device. Therefore, imports are sold by official dealers. All products are imported from all brands and all types of manufacturers. Therefore, it is a standard quality product directly from the factory. foreign purchase price Cheaper or more expensive than buying from agents in Thailand depending on model and conditions for importing from customs If there is import duty, the price may not be different.

47. Buy a CPAP machine, a device to treat snoring in Thailand. You don't have to buy as far as America.

CPAP machine for treating snoring It is a centered medical device. or an official distributor in Thailand Both in Bangkok and other provinces make it easy to buy Because there are all models and brands available, including CPAP machines from America, Germany or CPAP machines made in China. Advantages of buying from agents in Thailand is that the product and equipment have a warranty card can try the machine Or you can ask for advice from a dealer who has experts in use. making it possible to choose to use and answer the most customer problems

48. Import CPAP machines must go through customs.

Importing a CPAP machine to treat snoring which is a medical device and is an imported product If buying from a country such as from Germany, America or buying from China Without a license from the FDA, there may be a customs checkpoint. can't import And will have to cost more. Makes it cost or buy a CPAP machine more expensive than buying from a dealer in Thailand.

49. CPAP machines can be carried on the plane.

For patients with moderate to severe snoring who travel frequently Or it is necessary to bring the CPAP machine on the plane to foreign countries as well. Policy for bringing medical equipment on board Many airlines can bring CPAP machines on board. Keep it in your carry-on bag. Including batteries should only be put in carry-on baggage. Do not carry checked luggage. to prevent damage from impact

50. An Inexpensive CPAP Machine

For patients who need to use a CPAP machine to treat snoring. Due to severe snoring and sleep apnea that could be a serious health hazard Want to buy an inexpensive CPAP machine? Some dealers There are also inexpensive snoring devices available for sale, second-hand CPAP machines with complete sets of equipment. good quality Selling cheap. There are all models. Affordable price for patients to choose to buy.

51. CPAP machine installment 0 % via credit card

Buying a CPAP machine, snoring treatment device, all models and brands from dealers in Thailand, the cash price starts at 20,000 – 60,000 baht, or some models may be higher. Depending on the model and brand, patients can buy in installments. For credit card members, installments 0 % for 6 months. Able to reimburse the machine for 20,000 baht. Excess price is the patient's responsibility.

52. Person entitled to reimburse treatment expenses Reimbursement for CPAP machines according to the criteria of the Comptroller General's Department

For patients with moderate snoring problems to severe sleep apnea And must be treated with a CPAP machine if the person is entitled to reimburse medical equipment according to the right of the Comptroller General's Department The Ministry of Finance, such as government officials, can exercise the right to reimburse CPAP machines at a maximum of 20,000 baht per machine. If the price of the machine is higher than 20,000 baht, the patient must pay the difference by himself.

Additional – Rights of the Comptroller General's Department Able to reimburse for 1 set of masks per year, up to a maximum of 4,000 baht.

53. Selling used CPAP ventilators.

CPAP machine sales center, equipment to treat snoring It is a medical device or a product imported from abroad. In addition to being a new hand tool that is available for all models and brands. Some dealers still have second-hand CPAP ventilators with complete equipment, all brands, special prices, quality products, 90 %, available in all models, various prices depending on the completeness of use and the brand of the machine.

54. Repair and replacement of CPAP devices.

Official Distributor of CPAP Machines in Thailand not only distributing ventilator equipment Treat snoring and prevent sleep apnea. with spare parts only but also repair service Ventilator machines, all models, all brands, with spare parts.

Overview of CPAP machines

The CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine is a snoring device that is accepted by doctors around the world. and there are also various research works It states that treating snoring to prevent sleep apnea with a CPAP machine is one of the best ways. And classified as the highest standard (Gold Standard) that can treat all levels of symptoms Especially those with moderate to severe symptoms (Moderate to Severe OSA).

For the use of a CPAP snoring aid, in addition to the instructions for use by the treating physician. or specialists from distributors. CPAP machines are medical devices or devices imported for sale by distributors. or official dealers in Thailand There are many different models. and many brands

Therefore, in order to make the treatment or selection of the CPAP machine the most beneficial for the patient. This article therefore gathers all the components of a snoring treatment device. Both the features of the machine The process of using, maintaining, dealers, advantages, disadvantages and every story for those who are interested and patients. Know the truth about CPAP devices to treat snoring.


  1. The stroke patient lies on the bed, can open his eyes by himself, sometimes snoring. Do you need a CPAP insertion?

    1. The sound of snoring may not be harmful snoring. CPAP may not be necessary for bedridden patients, but bedridden patients may have breathing problems that may be prescribed by biPAP or with oxygen. I recommend you to try consulting the treating doctor again.

  2. The price of a medium machine that is automatic How much is the price? And do you need a doctor?

  3. I would like to ask for information that

    Cpap machine is
    App machine is

    And what is the difference between these two machines?

    1. CPAP machines, short for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, are machines that pressurize air while breathing in. to open up the upper respiratory tract For the treatment of snoring or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). APAP stands for Automatic Positive Airway Pressure, or Auto PAP. It is a type of CPAP in which the machine adjusts the air pressure automatically. Another type of machine, called Fixed CPAP or Manual CPAP, will provide a single constant pressure all the time. CPAP It is a broad term for this type of machine. CPAP is divided into 2 types: Auto CPAP (APAP) and Manual CPAP yes

  4. want phone number Dealer with phone number Chia Province


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