Bacterial/Viral Filters for CPAP/BiPAP Machines

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For use with CPAP/BiPAP devices. Can filter bacteria or virus with average particle size of 3 micron up to 99.99%

  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency : BFE 99.99%
  • Viral Filtration Efficiency : VFE 99.99%
  • Port Dimension: 22 mm ID x 22 mm OD/15 mm ID
  • Use with device’s tube dia. 22 mm.
  • Single patient use
  • Not washable
  • Change the new one every 30 days of usage.
  • Product of WestMed USA.

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แผ่นกรองแบคทีเรียและไวรัส WestMed USA
แผ่นกรองแบคทีเรียและไวรัส WestMed USA


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