Battery for DreamStation Series

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External Battery for using with the following DreamStation PAP Series:

  • DreamStation CPAP Pro
  • DreamStation Auto CPAP
  • DreamStation Auto BiPAP

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Dimension3.175 x 13.335 x 22.86 cm.
Weight1.02 kg.
PrescriptionNot required
Capacity90W, 6.6A
Charge/discharge indicationPush-button illumination
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)Yes - for use with PAP lithium ion battery kit only
Battery technologyLithium ion
Input voltage range11.0-14.4 VDC
Output voltage rangePAP use: 11.0-15.0 VDC
Respiratory use: 10.5-12.2 VDC
Run timePAP use: 14 hours*
Repiratory use: 8 hours**
Minumum life cycle>= 70% of rated capacity after 1,000 cycles
Recharge time3-4 hours
*PAP run-time test conditions: CPAP mode, pressure 10 cmH2O, no heated humidification or heated tubing.
**Respiratory run-time test conditions for Trilogy: S/T mode, IPAP 15 cmH2O, EPAP 5 cmH2O, BPM 12, Inspiratory time 0.8 s., passive, compliance 20, resistance 20.



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