E-Top Uwish CP1 Auto + Humidifier + Mask

35,000.00 ฿

An auto-adjusting pressure PAP device for the treatment of snoring and OSA in spontaneously breathing patients.

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E-Top Uwish CPAP

Uwish CP1 Auto CPAP

  • Sound level < 30 dB
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment
  • Leak compensation
  • Auto On/Off
  • Memory : SD / SDHC Card
  • Comfort Mode: Pressure relief function during exhalation
  • Automatic pressure adjustment to delivery the most optimal therapy pressure throughout the night.

An auto-adjusting pressure PAP device

SpecificationsModel name: CP1 Auto
Pressure Range4.0 – 20.0 cmH2O
(0.5 cmH2O increments)
Ramp Starting Pressure4.0 cmH2O to the therapy pressure
Ramp time0-45 minutes
(0.5 minutes increments)
Auto On/OffYes
Comfort ModeYes
Leak CompensationYes
Automatic Altitude AdjustmentYes
Sound Level30 dB
MemorySD / SDHC
Dimension (cm)170 x 149 x 104
Weight (gram)1004
Power SupplyUniversal Power supply
100 – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz

Package Includes:

  • Uwish Auto CPAP device 1 ea.
  • Power Cord 1 ea.
  • Carring Bag 1 ea.
  • Tube 1 ea.
  • Fine Filter 6 ea.
  • User Manual 1 ea.
  • Cozy Nasal Mask (Model 10454)


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