It measures sleep disorders for those who snorer or are suspected of having sleep apnea. We provide both PSG Level 2 (can record EEG brain waves during sleep) and Portable Monitoring Level 3 which is a portable machine. It's small and compact. You can get up and walk around freely, for example, go to the bathroom without removing the device.

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    Economical home sleep monitoring service (Portable Monitoring)

    3,900.00 ฿

    Limited monitoring of sleep disturbances of signals: breath, snoring, chest cavity movement, sleeping posture, blood oxygen level and pulse.

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  • SALE Detailed Home Sleep Test

    Detailed home sleep monitoring service (Home PSG)

    8,900.00 ฿

    Detailed monitoring of sleep disorders Electroencephalogram (EEG), eye movement (EOG), chin muscle movement (EMG), breath, snoring, chest and abdominal movements, sleeping posture, leg twitching electrocardiogram (EKG), blood oxygen level, and pulse

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