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Many of you out there do not believe you may need a cpap or bipap machine because you do not realise you have a form of apnea , sleep apnea is known as many things but the bottom line is lack of oxygen getting into your lungs due to blockage of the airways there are so many so called fixes remedy’s. test yourself do you wake up tired ,during the day are you slightly sleepy want an afternoon nap or just relax your eyes are tired . your partner tells you you snore & or constantly keep waking up during the night buy hey you don’t know that you’re sleeping ? are you .

I was diagnosed with severe apnea 15 years ago i had my first study done, bought a machine I used the machine for 2 years then stopped, i thought i was ok now, three years later whilst driving i nearly had a severe accident ,i was on the opposite side of a highway fortunately it was very late no traffic, some friends said you’re always looking tired ,bingo: i woke up my sleep apnea had returned dumb idiot it never went away i just didn’t know it, i had my second sleep study done still severe so i bought a new model resmed s8 very small compared to the first one , anyway it’s now 15 years since my first machine & my resmed failed after 11 years i needed a very fast solution, i looked in the thai websites of sleep apnea machines where could i get one urgently.

I called 2 companies in bangkok i had prior to calling searched on youtube the machine i was looking at was a transcend cpap manual ,it looked good had good reviews and was much cheaper than my resmed s8 which cost me 11 years ago $1,200 australian, so when i called the 2 numbers in bkk i was not given any sought of information no questions just a price you know the feeling why should they care they just want my money , . the first call offered a price of 44,000.00 baht i said ok they then gave me another number this is crafty working to get you back to the first one so i phoned the number and they said 55,000.00 baht same machine hmmmm who’s playing games here ? i’m getting frustrated with thai sales people so i thought i’ll go one more call then i’ll try to fix my s8 or just give up.

I found a number NK sleepcare yeah yeah just another company but i wanted to know the price first i asked the staff if they spoke english but not quite good enough but put me directly onto another member of the team who spoke very well he asked me some questions i thought oh this guy’s not a fool , i asked the price he told me 33,000,00 for the machine i wanted .what ?????? 33,000 baht why so cheap is it second hand or damaged ? no brand new with 3 years warranty unopened box until i got there it really is the smallest machine i have ever seen & so light the wall adaptor is possibly heavier lol it weighs 1 lb about 400 grams i have now used this machine for 1 week and my sleep is better than ever, quiet omg half the noise level .

I found out after the male who spoke to me was the owner & importer that’s why the price was cheap he insisted he wanted to help all that needed help without ripping them off like some we know , there is just one downside to this machine if you care to look on youtube it has a base allowing it to sit on your head so it is shaped concave so if it sits on a chair or pillow no problem but it is on top of my headboard and i’m scared it might fall off but the owner has a solution for me ZERO COST yes he is thai but not by nature . if you care to call me directly to prove that im not a paid person to write this testimony just make sure i can see your number and i will answer your call , this company is the first i have dealt with since living here for over 3 years now that meets all my expectations.

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