NK Sleepcare is an importer and distributor of CPAP Philips, BiPAP Philips and medical devices from leading manufacturers around the world and has been appointed as an official distributor in Thailand (Thailand Authorized Distributor)

In addition, we also provide sleep examination services outside such as at the hospital or at home, installing the equipment by a trained sleep technician (Sleep technician) and reading the results by a sleep specialist doctor. specifically

Showroom, Suksawat Road, Prapradaeng

Medical Advisory Board

Why do most customers trust NK Sleepcare?

  • There is a 7 day free trial available.
  • Plus free software for all CPAP models with memory. Data can be downloaded by yourself. If not convenient to download manually You can bring the device to the office so that we can download it for free throughout the lifetime.
  • In case the machine has a problem We provide free repair services. free replacement parts Including changing the new machine throughout the insurance period We have a complete range of spare parts because we are distributors directly from the manufacturer. See details of after-sales service here.
  • accept payment by credit card without additional fees (minimum amount 2,000 baht)
  • Installment 0% for 6 months via KBank, KTC, SCB credit cards (minimum balance 20,000 baht)
  • Free delivery nationwide (minimum amount 2,000 baht)
  • If there is a problem or want to test various information You can contact us in many ways such as telephone, website, E-mail, Line, Facebook.
After sales service team NK Service Center

After-sales service by a professional team

All staff have been trained directly from the manufacturer. You can be confident in the quality of service, maintenance and receive genuine parts.

Authorized Distributor Certification Letter from ResMed Australia

Authorized Distributor Letter from Philips Respironics USA