What is the difference between Uwish and Transcend?

Uwish (Regular-sized device – focused on home use)

  • It is larger and heavier (about 1.5 kg).
  • There is an LCD screen to clearly show the settings.
  • can set various directly through the device screen
  • Provides softer flow
  • the sound is quieter
  • Suitable mainly for home use.
  • no backup battery must be used by plugging in the power all the time only

Transcend (small device – focus on portability)

  • Smaller and lighter (about 360g)
  • no display screen settings must be done via computer only
  • Flow is stronger at the same pressure. Because the motor that generates air pressure is smaller Most of the patients with large stature overweight If you tend to use strong winds, you'll like Transcend more.
  • louder
  • Suitable for frequent travellers. focus on off-site use because it is more convenient to carry
  • Can be connected to a backup battery, while RESmart must be used by plugging in the power only.

Other than that, there are all the same features, such as a system to reduce exhalation resistance (RESlex in RESmart and EZEX in Transcend), Ramp time, usage data can be stored and printed as a report, 3-year warranty, etc.