I have been using the machine for almost 3 years. Suddenly, the snoring symptoms came back. Why is that?

The above symptoms can be caused by two reasons: 1) The pressure range set is not enough for the current physical condition – that is, even if it is an Auto unit, we will set the pressure range to suit what we use. By not being very wide, such as 5-12 cmH2O, etc., in order to make the machine work more efficiently. respond faster to our sleep apnea which if we use it for a long time Our physical condition may change, such as getting fatter or getting older. causing the need for higher pressure must also set a wider pressure range

and 2) if used for a long time, the air pressure of the machine may be inaccurate according to service life I recommend trying to adjust according to item 1) first (adjust Max APAP value to be higher by 2 cmH2O, try to follow the manual). Bring the device to the office for the technician to calibrate the pressure for you.