Inquire about RESMART AUTO CPAP's pressure adjustment system. Assuming that during the first sleep (not yet asleep), the pressure is 5 cmH2o. The pressure will be adjusted according to the breathing condition of the patient at that time, right? But when breathing stops, the pressure will increase, such as 12 cmH20, to open the airway for breathing. And after that? When the patient is breathing and breathing at a normal rhythm Will the machine reduce the pressure immediately or not?

Normally, Auto CPAP machines will increase the pressure quite quickly when it detects apnea. But when the user returns to normal breathing, the device will not reduce the air pressure immediately. Instead, it makes sure that the user is breathing normally for a certain period of time. therefore gradually adjusting the air pressure This is to prevent the pressure from going up and down in a whimsical way. In the RESmart Auto group, there is a special setting that can be adjusted to suit each user more thoroughly:

1) 3 levels of pressure can be set, for example: Set the initial pressure at 4, the maximum pressure at 12, and the treatment pressure at 8 cmH2O, etc. The machine will run at a pressure between 4-8 mainly, will run more than 8 only when absolutely necessary. And when the pressure runs between 8-12, it won't be long when the user breathes normally, the pressure will drop quickly. than when the pressure is between 4-8

2) Sensitivity can be set to detect apnea. (Sensitivity) if we set the sensitivity more The pressure reacts faster to changes in our breathing.

Both of these abilities should be able to solve the problems asked. Still, it's recommended to try it out first. When registering, specify that you want to set a low Treatment Pressure (no more than 8 cmH2O) and set Sensitivity at level 5 (maximum).