What is the difference between the Philips Dorma 500 and DreamStation Pro CPAP machines?

The Dorma 500 is an economical pressure-adjusting automatic CPAP machine. It has all the necessary basic functions, such as a pressure reduction function at the beginning of the ramp (ramp) or a function to reduce resistance when exhaling (flex). The set comes with a humidifier ( humidifier) but without hot pipes to prevent condensation in the pipes.

The DreamStation Pro is a semi-automatic CPAP machine. That is, the machine will provide constant pressure throughout the night. but will automatically adjust the pressure up and down every 30 hours (or about 5 days) with the adjusted pressure not exceeding +/- 3 cmH2O

The DreamStation Pro is a newer version. And will have more functions and features than the Dorma, with all the functions of the DreamStation Auto, a model that automatically adjusts the pressure throughout the night.

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