How to choose a mask?

If you can breathe through your nose normally, it is recommended to use it.Nasal mask There will be 2 models to choose from: silicone and gel. The silicone type is more popular because it is easy to use, light weight, rarely leaks air. and do not need to be tightened very tightly But silicone can cause pressure marks more easily. The gel type is heavier. and can cause air to leak easily, therefore must be tightened more tightly than silicone The advantage is that the gel is softer. Rarely does it cause pressure marks. But the disadvantage is that the gel part tends to tear easily causing the gel to leak out.

In case of mouth breathing mainly due to blocked nasal passages or a person who sleeps with his mouth open It is recommended to use asA mask that covers the mouth and nose or Full Face mask which also has both silicone and gel forms as well

In addition to the two types of masks mentioned above, there are alsoNasal mask or nasal pillow mask as well, in which the details can be seen in the article onChoosing a CPAP Mask Type next