In detail, the AHI values are abbreviated as 1.Total Clear Airway Apneas and 2.Total Obstructive Apneas. What is the ratio between these 2 numbers?

Hello, first of all, I would like to explain these 2 sub-values first. The difference will be at the cause of the symptoms as follows.

1) Total Clear Airway Apneas (CA) is the number of episodes of sleep apnea. “Because of the midbrain,” this condition is sometimes referred to as Central Apneas. This condition can happen to anyone. It's not something to worry about.

2) Total Obstructive Apneas (OA) is the number of episodes of sleep apnea. “Due to the obstruction of the upper respiratory tract.”

People with sleep apnea can have 3 forms:

1) There is only OA.
2) There is only CA.
3) There is a mixture of OA and CA.

CPAP machines can only treat OA, where two values may be greater than one. Depending on the physical condition each night, but if these 2 sub-values are combined, the AHI can be calculated at no more than 5 times per hour. Medically, the treatment is considered to be effective (AHI value less than 5 does not affect our physical health).

In short, you don't have to worry about which value is greater, but let the AHI not exceed 5, it's okay.