What is the difference between an oxygen concentrator and a ventilator?

The oxygen concentrator increases the amount of oxygen in the lungs. For patients with air sac problems that cannot purify enough oxygen from the air into the body such as emphysema patients Therefore, it must provide air with a higher percentage of oxygen than normal air, namely 90% or higher.
The ventilator is used for patients whose lungs are unable to bring air into the lungs in the required volume, such as patients with pulmonary muscle weakness. The machine will help create more air pressure in the lungs to increase the lung volume. Patients using a ventilator may not need an oxygen concentrator. because the lungs can purify the oxygen normally without any problem
But some of you may encounter both problems. That is, the lungs are not strong, they have to use a ventilator to get the right amount of air. and the lungs themselves are unable to purify enough oxygen For this type of patient, the doctor will use both an oxygen concentrator and a ventilator.