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    Limited Channels Home Sleep Test

    3,900.00 ฿

    At-home sleep apnea testing is an easy, cost-effective way to figure out whether you’re having trouble breathing during your sleep. This portable monitoring test is a simplified version of an overnight, attended sleep study that focuses on nocturnal breathing. Home sleep studies are only used to diagnose or rule out obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Every…

  • Sale! Home Sleep Test แบบละเอียด

    Full PSG Home Sleep Test

    8,900.00 ฿

    Full Channels Home Sleep Test (Home PSG) is a Type II Polysomnography comparable to the full PSG test in sleep labs/hospitals but without over-night monitoring by a technician. This is a comprehensive recording of the biophysiological changes that occur during sleep, including brain activity (EEG), eye movements (EOG), muscle activity or skeletal muscle activation (EMG),…