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Hello, I'm Dr. Worawat Suwanarak, a specialized plastic surgeon at Bangkok Hospital and Vichaiyut. I'm the CEO and CEO of NK Sleep Care Co., Ltd. Welcome everyone to visit our website.

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  1. I would like to ask for advice on procuring a ventilator for a patient with a tracheotomy.
    Which type should be used? The patient was admitted for insertion of a feeding tube through the left nose and drain bile from the stomach through the right nose The doctor used a ventilator attached to a tube around his neck. and informed that the patient had to use a ventilator because his breathing was not good. Normally, the patient has a lot of mucus and saliva and must use a suction device frequently. But I can breathe on my own. When entering the hospital, the patient developed an infection and had a fever and low blood pressure. Therefore, he used a ventilator while receiving treatment for 15 days. The doctor informed his relatives to provide a ventilator. at home but did not inform the specifications of the machine that should be used Therefore, I would like to ask for advice on what type of machine I should look for and whether the company has it or not.

    1. Hello, I apologize for the late reply. I would like to ask for your name and contact number to be sent to info@nksleepcare.co Or message LINE at @nksleepcare, I will have ventilator specialists come and give advice. Because I have to ask for some additional details.

  2. Ask for more information, doctor.
    In the case that we have been using the CPAP machine for 2 months, we would like to know how many months after using the machine we can undergo surgery to correct sleep apnea. And what is the chance of recovery?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Surgery can actually be done. But if the doctor uses the CPAP machine first, they might want to see how much the symptoms improve. You may consider using a CPAP machine along with surgery. Surgery may not need to be done as much because there is a machine to help with it. However, surgery does not guarantee complete cure or reduction of symptoms 100% and symptoms may return after 2-3 years, depending on the type and nature of the surgery.

  3. Hello, I just bought a device and used it for a week. But aside from trying it on the first day, I haven't used it at all. Because of the mask problem Once covered, it becomes a vacuum. I didn't feel any wind at all. But if you pull it out, the wind blows normally. When I tried the machine it was normal. But at that time, a full-face mask was used. But this one was a miscommunication and it came as a nose cover. I'm not sure if it's because the mask size is too small. I've tried to adjust the strap hundreds of times. Or did you put it in the wrong way? In fact, I consulted with the nurse, but they said that we need to adjust the strap. I don't know if he doesn't understand my condition or not. It's not that the air is leaking, but there isn't any air, other than pulling it loose from the nose to feel the wind. Now if the cover has no wind Hammering from probably didn't help anything because there was no air rushing into the nose. If we fall asleep, will we die because we have no air to breathe? I'm afraid of this so I don't dare use it. If you use it, you have to pull it loosely or slide it down to cover your mouth, causing air to leak up into your nose. I don't know if anyone has a problem like this. After asking 2-3 times, it was recommended to buy a new mask. But we just bought the same mask machine and haven't used it a few times yet. And masks aren't cheap. I'm worried that if I use the method of buying a new one, what will I do if I encounter the same symptoms again? It's a little long. This week I slept very little because I was so busy adjusting my mask an hour before bed every day. Until I stopped using the device (temporarily) because I became unable to sleep instead. When trying to take the plane from sleep, the wind was so strong that I wasn't used to it, but after a while I was able to fall asleep. When I bought the machine to use myself, there was no wind. I'm very worried. Please answer.

    1. Dear Momo, I apologize for the late reply 2-3 weeks ago. The doctor is very unwell. So I didn't answer many people's questions at all. I saw Mr. Momo post in another article with the same question. The doctor would like to collect the answers here in one place.

      Coming back to the problem that was described. As far as I can tell, I understand that when I tried it, there was no problem. I used a full face mask, that is, covering both the mouth and nose. But there was a mistake and I got a mask that covers only the nose (model N20 Nasal), but when I use it I can't feel the air coming out. And solved the problem by sliding it down to cover the mouth, causing the air to leak up into the nose. First of all, we shouldn't solve problems this way. Because of the large amount of air leaking, the machine will not work well and make incorrect calculations. The second is that the air that is allowed to leak into the nose does not have enough pressure to heal the blockage in our throat. The results read that the AHI value was less than 5. It was probably due to the calculation machine being incorrect because there was a lot of air leaking. This can be seen from the machine showing red that the air is always leaking.

      I assume this:
      1) He is a person who sleeps with his mouth open. Because I saw that when I tried using the full face mask there was no such problem. When using a nasal mask, it may cause almost all air to leak out of the mouth. Therefore, it does not feel like there is air pressure in the nasal passages.
      2) The machine pressure may be set too low. Especially during the beginning of bedtime. It may feel like there is no air pressure coming out.

      It is recommended to contact the company from which the device was purchased or the hospital where we provide treatment. To request to test the full face mask to see if the problem has disappeared or not. If you try it and it doesn't work or you really can't find a full face mask to try. The next method is to have the company that sells the machine adjust the starting pressure (Ramp pressure) to be higher. If it still doesn't work, try adjusting the therapy pressure to be higher. In this case, adjusting the pressure must be consulted or Please notify the treating doctor first.

  4. Please ask, in the case of the sleep test and the result was severe, the AHI value was 41.1 per hour, but the patient refused to use the CPAP machine due to the high price. What will be the effect?

    1. I apologize for the late reply. In the past, the doctor was not well, so he did not answer many people's questions.
      In the case of doing a sleep test, the AHI value was 41.1 times per hour. Considered to be at a severe level (severe), if the patient refuses to use the CPAP machine, it will have long-term negative effects on their health. Or there may be short-term dangers if there are congenital diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, or stroke. Therefore, the first step should be to try to get the patient to use the CPAP machine. Try checking to see what the reason is for refusing to use it because we may be able to modify it to make it usable, such as the mask being too uncomfortable. or the air pressure is too high Or the air pressure is not related to the rhythm of breathing. Or when exhaling and feeling uncomfortable, etc. These things, trained cpap company staff can adjust all settings appropriately. Later, if you try adjusting everything and the patient still refuses to use cpap, you need to consult with a sleep doctor about other treatment options, such as using a mouth guard. or surgery, which has many types Since the pain was minor, there was no need to go to the hospital. Until major surgery that requires a hospital stay.


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