Tips to know about bringing a CPAP machine on the plane

Bringing CPAP on the plane

I have quite a number of customers asking me. If you want to bring your CPAP machine abroad by taking it on a plane what to do

Some people are worried that there will be problems when the officer asks for examination, etc. Let me tell you that it's not difficult at all because I myself use a CPAP machine regularly and have to travel by plane often. I always bring my CPAP with me every time. Over 10 years and never had a single problem.

It just requires a little preparation. which today I will share tips and techniques From real experience to everyone You have read it. I have compiled the following items:

Keep the CPAP machine in carry-on luggage only.

you must keep CPAP machine and equipment In the bag for carrying on the plane or Carry-on luggage only, should not be loaded into the belly of the plane. because if we do not pack well There is a cloth placed to cushion firmly. When the airport staff threw our bags It may crash and cause damage to our devices and equipment.

This has some people who contradict me that Used to put it in a big bag and load it in the belly of the plane. The machine doesn't lose anything. Still working normally This one, I would like to say that it depends on our luck. If the jackpot meets the duty of a good porter Or he packs well and survives, but if he encounters brutal legs Threw our bags hard The machine may be very shaken but may not have any symptoms today. but may go to waste or mess up in the future I think we'd better not take risks.

Empty the water from the humidifier completely.

If you normally use a CPAP machine with a humidifier Before traveling, please pour all the water out of the water bottle. and left to dry first It is strictly forbidden to travel with water in the water bottle of the humidifier. This may cause water to enter the machine and damage the circuit board and motor in the machine.

Everyone who buys a machine from us We recommend that you use bottled water. To always add water to the humidifier And absolutely do not use tap water in our house (actually, if it's good, it's better to use medical distilled water or Sterile water for humidification, but it's expensive and hard to find)

Even if you travel to some countries where they say you can drink from tap water, such as some European countries. I still recommend using bottled water to fill the humidifier anyway. Using tap water is not recommended. Because I've tried it and it turns out that there is still lime scale in the morning as well. but may be slightly less than when using tap water in our house

Philips DreamStation Auto CPAP by NK Sleepcare

Do not operate the humidifier while on board.

Although some machines, such as the Transcend or DreamStation, are allowed for use on airplanes, (By connecting to an AC or DC outlet on the plane and must be used only with the supplied power adapter).not continuewith the humidifier is strictly prohibited. And should notify the staff on the plane in advance before every use.

This is because When using a CPAP machine by connecting it to a humidifier (humidifier), there is a chance that the machine will vibrate or not stay still, causing water to flow back into the CPAP machine and there is also a chance that water will spill out and mess up on the machine. can again So this point is very important, do not use a humidifier on the plane is strictly prohibited.

Read more: Is a humidifier necessary?

Always carry the necessary documents with you.

on every trip abroad I always recommend bringing the following documents with you every time.

– English User Manual

Because some of you may meet the staff at the X-ray checkpoint asking what machine this is. We can show him the manual. don't have to explain much Or maybe explaining and they don't understand or don't believe it (however, the chances of being asked by the staff are very small, I've been traveling for many years and have never met But some customers said that they had met and asked the same question)

Therefore, it should be more comfortable to carry an English manual with you every time. But do not mistakenly pick up the manual in Thai language instead. because the staff will not know what to read If you buy a CPAP machine from us, you will receive a manual in both Thai and English every time. Including you can also download from our website at any time. So don't forget to bring only the English manual.

– English medical certificate (if any)

This one is recommended to be carried for peace of mind. in order to meet the officer to ask will increase credibility

– Letter of recommendation from the FAA

If you need to use CPAP while on the plane as well Bring a certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to certify that the model of CPAP you are using. can be used safely on board while flying

Philips DreamStation Go thru Airport Security
Philips DreamStation Go thru Airport Security
Pictured is the model. DreamStation Go Auto CPAP

Always check the electrical system of the country that you are going first.

need to check Because some countries use 110 Volt, some countries use 220 Volt, which most CPAP machines have a built-in transformer. Or there is already a power adapter that comes with the power cord. This allows you to plug your CPAP machine into any electrical system anywhere in the world. If your device is like this, the problem can be solved at this point.

But those who are not sure It should be checked at this point first. Because some people may use old CPAP models or models that can only accept 220 Volt power. If used in a country that uses 110 Volt power, the device will not work.

All CPAP machines from NK Sleepcare can be connected to electrical systems worldwide (100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) or called auto voltage, so you can be at ease.

Always check the appearance of the socket of the country that you are going first.

Some countries may have sockets that are different from our country. Causing you to use a plug that is compatible with their receptacle only, for example, if you travel to Singapore There they will use a British socket that has 3 holes as shown in the picture below. The plug used will have a specific feature that can only be plugged into a socket like this.

British and Singapore Power Outlet
UK power socket board and plug

or if in Australia or New Zealand It will look like the picture below.

Australian and New Zealand Power Outlet
Australian and New Zealand three pin mains 230v power socket board and plug

Therefore, before every trip You should first check the characteristics of the receptacle of the country you are going to. Which you can search from Google is not difficult if their sockets are not the same as Thai ones. You should also prepare a power adapter for plug conversion. in order to be able to plug into the socket of that country

But if in case you forget to bring a plug adapter with you You don't have to be shocked. You can also buy them in your destination country, for example in a convenience store. Or in some hotels it may be sold. But it may be more expensive than buying from Thailand. Therefore, a good way, I recommend you to buy in Thailand and carry it yourself. For convenience and save money in the bag as well. I wish you all a happy journey.

Bringing batteries on board

In case you want to bring your CPAP machine battery (including a power bank to charge your mobile phone) with you, International Air Transport (IATA) has issued safety rules regarding the use of batteries (Power Bank). Get on the plane, stating Do not carry batteries in checked baggage. but can be put in hand luggage

However, please study the regulations regarding bringing medical devices and batteries on board each airline before traveling. Take a look at some examples of regulations of some airlines at the links below.

Thai Airways

Air Asia

Bangkok Airways (Bangkok Airways)



  1. I would like to know if the weight of the cpap is included in the weight of the checked bags or not.

    1. The cpap machine is recommended to be carried on board. loading is not recommended Therefore, the weight of the cpap will be included in the weight of the bag that is allowed to be carried on the plane (no more than 7 kg).

      1. ask me
        The cpap machine can be taken on board and can be recharged with the machine's battery. Can I bring it on board too? Or must be put in a separate bag to be loaded under the machine

        1. The charger cable and the battery can also be brought on board. It is advisable to consult each airline's policies regarding batteries to be brought on board before you travel. By looking at the link in this article as an example.


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