What is an oxygen concentrator and how many types are there?

What is an oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen Concentrator is a medical device designed to produce higher concentrations of oxygen. For patients with respiratory diseases such as COPD (COPD)

In most cases, doctors tend to have patients use an oxygen concentrator in conjunction with a ventilator. so that the body receives sufficient amounts of oxygen

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Working principle of oxygen concentrator

The working principle of the oxygen concentrator is based on the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principle. In this technique, zeolite is used to adsorb nitrogen from the air at high pressure. The nitrogen will adhere to the surface of the zeolite. Because zeolite has a large surface area and the surface itself can absorb a large amount of gas. When the pressure is low, nitrogen is released along with oxygen with purity 96%.

How many types of oxygen concentrators are there?

Oxygen concentrators can be divided into two main types:

1) Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrators

It is an oxygen concentrator that is more convenient to use than the Pulse Dose type because it can manage the amount of oxygen that is suitable for the patient better. Any reader looking for an oxygen concentrator capable of producing 2 -5 l/min of oxygen can be considered Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrators. can answer the question very well

2) Pulse Dose Portable Concentrators

It is an oxygen generator that periodically transports oxygen. when the patient breathes The Pulse Dose Oxygen Concentrator can produce 450 – 1250 ml/min of oxygen in a short period of time, suitable for patients who need less oxygen up to 2 liters/min.

Both these types of oxygen concentrators have different advantages and limitations to suit specific patients. Which, if the reader understands the functionality of each type of oxygen concentrator, will help ensure which type of oxygen concentrator meets the most needs. 


Oxygen concentrators are commonly used as an adjunct to CPAP machines in patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and other respiratory illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease. emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), for example, when choosing to buy an oxygen concentrator, it must be consulted by a doctor first which one should be used for suitability and safety in proper use


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    1. We've sent an email to you. Thank you.

  2. Could you please give us a transfer price of 5L, 10L oxygen concentors?

    1. Sorry we do not have any of them in stock at the moment and there is no estimated date for the next lot.

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    1. Now the EverFlo oxygen concentrator, size 5 liters per minute, is out of stock. There is no product arrival schedule yet. I apologize.

  4. I would like to know if you have a portable oxygen concentrator 1-7 liters or 2-9 liters that is not a Chinese brand?
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    1. We have a portable oxygen concentrator brand Philips USA, size 0.5-2.0 liters per minute, Simply Go model, priced at 180,000 baht. See details and specifications.here


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