What is CPAP and how does it help with snoring?

What is CPAP?

If you have severe snoring problems After going for a sleep test, it was found that he had sleep apnea. And doctors have recommended treatment with a CPAP machine. You may be wondering what CPAP is, today I will bring you to know this tool in detail. Make sure you have read this article. will definitely make it more understandable

What is CPAP?

CPAP read C-PAP stands for Ccontinuous Positive Airway Ppressure is a type of breathing apparatus which uses the principle of compressed air to the user while inhaling to open up the upper respiratory tract for the treatment of snoring or have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

This CPAP machine can treat snoring and sleep apnea at all levels. Especially those with moderate symptoms (Moderate) to severe (Severe).

CPAP machine to treat snoring

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What is sleep apnea?

CPAP is a device that is accepted by doctors around the world. And classified as the highest standard (Gold Standard) in the treatment of snoring. and sleep apnea

CPAP may go by many names, such as positive pressure air compressor. air compressor while inhaling Or some of you may simply call it a snoring aid. According to its properties and abilities, sure enough.

Why use CPAP?

If you have been diagnosed with dangerous snoring is having sleep apnea as well and have an Apnea Index (AHI) of more than 5 breaths per hour. Your doctor will advise you to use a CPAP machine.

Working principle of CPAP machine

The CPAP machine has a working principle. To help treat snoring The machine will suck air from outside. through the dust filter And produces air pressure sent out through the duct into the mask that covers our nose. and through our respiratory system

How does CPAP work?

Source: harvard.edu

which if you have read my article on snoring will know that snoring Caused by the narrowing of our airways Because the muscles in that area, such as the base of the tongue, have slackened down. causing the wind that passes through this strait causing the muscles to vibrate a loud snoring sound

and sometimes these sagging muscles May be slack until it closes our airway until it is completely closed. resulting in sleep apnea

Therefore, the air pressure that this CPAP machine creates will stretch or expand our airways. open wide Resulting in solving the cause of snoring and stop breathing while sleeping

The person who uses the machine can therefore breathe in sufficient air. no obstruction

Another thing you should know is that This machine only takes air from outside to create pressure. Therefore, it is not an oxygen increaser as many people understand.

What are CPAP devices?

If you have read up to here You probably already know what a CPAP machine is and how it works. Now let's talk about the components of the machine.

Although nowadays there are many brands and models of CPAP, however, the main components will be the same including

  1. air pressure generatorCPAP Device)
  2. Mask (CPAP Mask) andHead strap (Headgear)
  3. air duct
  4. other accessories such as Humidifiers or Heated Tube For preventing condensation in pipes, etc.

Equipment in items 1-3 are necessary parts. If any one is missing It will not work. As for item 4, you may or may not have it.

CPAP device

In the figure: Philips DreamStation Go Auto CPAP Machine

Different types of CPAP machines

When the doctor has diagnosed And advise you to treat with a CPAP machine (CPAP Therapy). The next step is to choose the type of machine. Which is divided into 3 main types as follows

  1. Auto CPAP (Auto CPAP) Ventilator
  2. Constant Pressure CPAP Respirator (Manual CPAP / Fixed CPAP)
  3. Bilevel PAP or BiPAP ventilator.

If the result of the sleep test reveals that you use pressure to maintain not too high or you have severe symptoms which requires constant pressure all the time Your doctor may recommend a constant pressure device. Which is cheaper than other types

But in most cases Doctors recommend using it as an Auto CPAP machine because most patients can use it more comfortably. less uncomfortable But the price is higher than the static pressure type.

BiPAP (BiPAP) is used in patients with severe obstructive sleep apnea (Severe OSA) requiring very high therapeutic pressure, e.g. 20 cmH2O or more. Fixed or Auto CPAP is very uncomfortable when exhaling. Because you have to breathe in the opposite direction to the wind that the machine blows out

The BiPAP can be set to different inspiratory and expiratory pressures.

“CPAP machines are considered one of the most effective non-surgical treatments for snoring. And is accepted by doctors around the world.

Pros and cons of each type of CPAP

Based on the previous section, the Auto CPAP machine automatically adjusts to the most suitable air pressure for us throughout the night. The user only set the pressure range, e.g. 6-12 cmH2O etc.

While in use, the machine releases air pressure for us. by symptom level And breathing characteristics, for example, while the pressure machine is at 7 cmH2O, then we have sleep apnea. or more severe snoring The machine will calculate and pay higher pressure to 7 or 8 cmH2O etc.

For Manual or Fixed CPAP, it will supply a single fixed pressure. As we set, throughout the night, e.g. at 9 cmH2O, etc.

Manual CPAP machines don't care what level of symptoms we have. The machine will release the air pressure as we always set.

Normally, we will know the proper pressure level to treat snoring from the sleep test, which can make it possible to buy a constant pressure device to use.

But in the event that sleep test is not performed or there is no result of using a CPAP machine from sleep test, I always recommend using an automatic machine (Auto CPAP) because the machine will automatically find the right pressure for us all the time. without having to know the pressure value

Another advantage of Auto CPAP over Manual CPAP is that users do not have to keep adjusting the pressure if our body changes in the future, such as getting older and gaining more weight. or on some nights that require higher pressure than usual due to exhaustion from exertion or playing sports or drinking alcoholic beverages, etc.



  • The machine will automatically adjust the appropriate pressure for us.
  • feel more comfortable less uncomfortable because the wind pressure is not high all night At times the pressure may drop. If the symptoms are mild, such as at the beginning of sleep or when sleep is not deep
  • Easy to use, just press the power button. And in the long run, you don't have to keep adjusting the pressure.


  • expensive
  • The Apnea Index (AHI) may be slightly higher than using a manual CPAP machine because the machine has to let you stop breathing for a while. therefore gradually adjusting the pressure to be higher

Manual CPAP


  • Cheaper than Auto


  • After using it, it feels more uncomfortable. Especially if it has to be used at a high pressure level.
  • Have to keep bringing the results of using the machine to see a doctor to adjust the pressure to always be appropriate

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CPAP Masks (CPAP Masks)

CPAP Mask It is a device that plays a very important role. Because it's the decision. Will you be able to use a CPAP machine or not? Many people give up on masks. But there are many people who use masks well. This makes it possible to continue using the CPAP machine for a long time.

CPAP masks can be divided into three types:

Nasal mask

It is the most commonly used mask. because it is easy to use There is rarely a problem with wind leakage. Therefore, doctors often recommend masks like this. for people who are using a CPAP machine for the first time

Pillow mask

This type of mask will be placed on the tip of the nose. (no nose cover) makes you feel comfortable, not uncomfortable, but there are disadvantages It tends to cause air leaks more easily than other types. Therefore, it is suitable for those who use low air pressure. or people who have been using CPAP for a while Not suitable for beginners

Full face mask

This type of mask is suitable for people who sleep with their mouth open. The advantage is solving the problem of air leaking through the mouth. But the disadvantage is Users tend to experience dry throat. Or some people may have problems with wind in the stomach. cause flatulence

How to use a CPAP snoring device

Treating snoring with a CPAP machine is like treating your eyes with glasses. That is, you have to use the device every night. I didn't use any nights Will return to snoring as before

I recommend that you try to use the CPAP machine every night for at least 4 hours a night for long-term health benefits.

How to use the steps are as follows.

  1. Place the CPAP machine next to the bed.
  2. Plug the power plug into the machine.
  3. Connect the air hose to the machine and the mask.
  4. put on the mask
  5. Turn it on and go to bed as usual.

Most patients only use a nasal mask, but some may need a full face mask and very few people use an oral mask.

Video showing how to use a CPAP machine

in this example will show the usage of the machine CPAP Philips model DreamStation Auto But the basic principles can be applied to all models of the machine.

Video showing how to put on a CPAP Mask

in this example Will show wearing the Philips DreamWear mask, but the basic principles can be applied to all other masks.

Should I do a sleep test first?

This is a popular question that I see almost every day. The answer is “Should I do a sleep test before buying a CPAP machine?”

Since CPAP is classified as a medical device Therefore, it should be best advised by a doctor.

The doctor you should consult should be a sleep specialist, in most cases. Your doctor will refer you for a sleep test first for the following important reasons:

  1. in order to get information in analyzing and diagnosing in order to recommend the right treatment for you
  2. to determine the level of symptoms before treatment to be used as a measure of the progress of treatment
  3. Most often bring the CPAP machine to try in the second half of the night. to find the appropriate air pressure value for treatment
  4. to look for other symptoms or diseases that may be found together, such as heart arrhythmias, etc.

See a list of snoring hospitals and specialists here.

Benefits and advantages of treating snoring with a CPAP machine

according to research reports around the world Using a CPAP machine is classified as a treatment. obstruction of the airway during sleep moderate or severe with the best performance in a way that does not require surgery

After you have done a sleep test or received a correct diagnosis from a doctor. If you have used the machine all night and every night will have a positive effect on health both in the short term and in the long term

Benefits of short-term CPAP therapy

good results in the short term That is, you will no longer have snoring. And will sleep better with full air as well. wake up refreshed no signs of exhaustion not sleepy during the day No more falling asleep while driving, better concentration, better memory, as you can feel the difference.

Benefits of Long-Term Use of CPAP

long-term benefits That is, you will reduce the risk of various diseases. That may also be caused by sleep apnea, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. If you closely follow up on treatment with a doctor There will be very little risk of treatment.

Possible side effects of using a CPAP ventilator and how to fix them.

Some people who start using the CPAP machine may have side effects from using the machine, for example:

mask size May not fit your face shape. or may be too tight Until there is a pressure mark especially around the nose bridge

Or sometimes the mask might be too big. or not tight It may cause a wind leak. This leaking wind will enter your eyes, annoy you, or wake you up.

Some people may have nasal congestion, runny nose or nosebleeds. due to the air pressure flowing through the nasal cavity for a long time Or some people may have dry nasal passages or dry throat.

which these side effects It often annoys you or discourages you until eventually you stop using the machine.

Let me tell you this. Problems can happen. but don't give up yet until I try to fix it first

If you encounter problems using Hurry up to see a doctor. Or the company where you bought the CPAP machine, most problems can be solved. with a slight adjustment

And for those who have other congenital diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure You should also consult a doctor to closely monitor treatment.

Or some of you may be able to wear a mask well. but still can't sleep Because I feel annoyed that I have to wear a mask when I sleep. This one will take some time to adjust. Most of them take no more than 2 weeks to 1 month.

In addition, I also found other disadvantages, for example, some of you may feel afraid to wear a mask. Or has a fear of being narrow, or thinks that using a machine will make you feel like a person who is seriously ill

or someone who has to travel frequently It is often inconvenient to carry the device with you. But nowadays we have small and lightweight CPAP machines. which is specially designed for traveling And often have a portable battery for use without having to plug in the power supply as well

Common problems and solutions

Feeling uncomfortable due to the strong wind pressureMost machines have a Ramp function, which is to allow the machine to pressurize at a low level. before at the beginning of sleep Try asking your device vendor to activate it. If you feel crowded during the middle of the night Talk to your doctor to try lowering the pressure, and then increasing it a little at a time. Talk to your doctor to consider switching.CPAP machine that adjusts pressure automatically (Auto CPAP) orBi-level Positive Pressure Apparatus (BIPAP)
Air leaks from the mask.tighten the mask Change the size of the mask to suit The mask may be too big or too small. consider switching toNasal Pillow Mask If everything is fixed also caused the wind to leak into the eyes Try downloading the results from the device to see the leakage (Leak)* if it is still within acceptable criteria. Try using an eye mask while you sleep. * You can bring the device to us to help download the results.
Take off the mask yourself in the middle of the nightTry a CPAP model with a humidifier. Try it.chin straptogether with mask consult a doctor or those who sell the machine to try to reduce the pressure level Consult the person who sells the machine. to set the machine to sound an alarm When the wind leaks
There is a pressure mark on the bridge of the nose.Loosen the mask strap (Headgear), not too tight. Choose a mask that is the right size. may stop using the washing machine for 2-3 days until symptoms improve Change the type of mask.
nasal congestion or have nosebleedsConsider using a CPAP model with a heated humidifier. This will warm the air. and increase the humidity in the air emitted by the machine Try a saline nasal spray. to moisturize before starting to use the machine Try a steroid nasal spray. (Consult your doctor before use) Try taking a non-drowsy antihistamine. (Consult a doctor before use) Try consulting a doctor. or those who sell the machine to try to reduce the pressure level In cases where nasal congestion does not improve You should consult an ear, nose and throat doctor.
fear of wearing a mask or a fear of being narrowconsult a doctor and those who sell machines to consider changing the type of mask to Inserted into the nostrils (Nasal Pillow Mask) Try to insert the device while still awake. to get used to may reduce anxiety and fear can be reduced husband or wife should encourage those who use it to relieve anxiety and can be patient to continue using the machine
use the machine and can't sleepPractice wearing the machine while you are still awake, such as before bedtime, to get used to it. Avoid tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages in the 8 hours before bedtime.
Use the machine and dry mouth, dry throatConsider using a CPAP model with a heated humidifier. Try switching to one.Full Face Mask Try itchin straptogether with drinking 1 glass of water before going to bed should try to avoid cold weather Especially do not let the air conditioner or direct blowing fan If you want to turn on the air conditioner The temperature of the air conditioner should be set higher than 25 degrees Celsius to avoid too cold air. In case of using a fan, it should not turn on the highest number. and should allow the fan to swing back and forth

What should I do if I really can't use my CPAP machine?

First of all, you should try to use the machine as much as possible every night or if possible. You should use the machine for at least 2-4 weeks before deciding that you really can't use it.

and if you have tried to fix According to the method I have mentioned above. and found that the CPAP machine still cannot be used, you should go back and consult your doctor again.

Your doctor may try to look for other causes more thoroughly, for example, you may have a nasal disease. For example, a crooked nasal septum, rhinitis, sinusitis or allergies, etc., so that the doctor can find a solution to those causes first.

Finally, your doctor may suggest other options for treatment, such as surgery or the use of oral appliances.

Prices of CPAP machines in the market

currentCPAP machines come in a variety of prices. A fixed pressure type machine (Manual CPAP) may cost around 2-3 thousand baht, but if it is an automatic type (Auto CPAP) or a bi-pressure type (BiPAP), the price will be 2-3 times higher (The price of a CPAP machine depends on what factors?)

If you have a sleep test (Sleep test) and have a CPAP experiment during the night of the examination (CPAP Titration), you will know the pressure that is suitable for you.

In this case, you can choose to use both manual and auto CPAP. I always recommend this. If your pressure is not more than 8 cmH2O, you can use the Manaul machine. But if the pressure you need to use is more than 8 cmH2O, I recommend you to buy an Auto CPAP machine because it will be more comfortable to use.

person who is a civil servant can use the right to withdraw from the Comptroller General's Department not exceeding 20,000 baht per device Can withdraw a new device every 5 years (if the device is broken)

This means that if you choose to buy a device over 20,000 baht, you have to pay for the excess by yourself. But it is considered to save a lot of money.

As for the mask, the right to reimburse government officials is not more than 4,000 baht, which can be reimbursed once a year.

If you don't have financial problems, the Auto CPAP machine is much easier to use and less uncomfortable than the manual type and you don't have to manually adjust the pressure. If your body changes in the future, such as gaining weight or some nights you may snore louder than usual due to exercise Or drink alcohol, etc., because the Auto CPAP machine will adjust the pressure automatically according to our symptoms.

Procedure for Requesting a Trial CPAP Machine with NK Sleepcare

Cleaning and maintaining your CPAP machine and equipment


  1. Remove the silicone nosepiece or parts that come into contact with your face from the mask frame.
  2. Wash with mild soapy water. then rinse with plain water
  3. Leave it to dry in the shade. that is well ventilated

*Do not wash with alcohol or hot water. and do not expose to the sun

Head strap (Headgear)

  1. Take off the head harness.
  2. Wash with mild soapy water. or water mixed with mild detergent then rinse with plain water
  3. Leave it to dry in the shade. that is well ventilated

*Do not wash with alcohol or hot water. and do not expose to the sun

Air duct (Tubing)

  1. Remove the air hose from the device and mask.
  2. Wash with plain water or mild soap.
  3. Hang the pipe with both ends hanging down. and leave it to dry in the shade that is well ventilated

*Do not wash with alcohol or hot water. and do not expose to the sun

CPAP machine

  1. Always unplug the power first.
  2. Use a clean cloth moistened with water to wipe around the exterior of the machine. Then use a dry cloth to wipe again.

*Do not wash with alcohol or hot water. and do not expose to the sun
*The machine should be brought in for inspection at the company at least once a year.

air filterRough (reusable / reusable)

  1. Open the cover on the side of the machine. and pull out the filter.
  2. If a blue fine filter is used in conjunction with remove it first
  3. Rinse the coarse filter with plain water. and shake off as much water as possible
  4. Leave it to dry in the shade. that is well ventilated

*Do not wash with alcohol or hot water. and do not expose to the sun
*This type of filter must be placed in the unit at all times when in use. to prevent dust from entering the machine

air filterDetailed (disposable use / Disposable)

  • This type of filter is disposable (Disposable), cannot be washed. Only need to change a new sheet

*Do not wash with alcohol or hot water. and do not expose to the sun
*This type of filter must be used in conjunction with the blue coarse filter. may or may not be inserted But it is recommended to use to protect against fine dust. and various pathogens into the body


A CPAP machine is a device that will help you treat snoring. and sleep apnea which is a non-surgical treatment method accepted by doctors around the world That works best!

However, using a CPAP machine is the same as wearing eyeglasses. If any night you do not use The symptoms will return as before. But if you can use It will have a great effect on your health in the long run.

However, you must take care of it. And clean the CPAP machine, mask and equipment. According to the schedule I mentioned above. Including regularly changing the air filter (Filter) regularly to reduce infection rates and prolong the service life of the machine for a longer time

Finally, you should follow up on your treatment closely with your doctor. All of these will help you have a better quality of life. both in the short term and long term in the future I wish you all good luck.


  1. 1Please know that when buying the machine, does he have a mask included with the machine, and can he choose to change the mask?
    2. Is the mask the same brand as the machine?

    1. 1. Please know that when buying the machine, does he or she have a mask included with the machine and can choose to change the mask?
      – If you buy with us, there will always be a mask along with the machine. The price on the website is the price that includes a nasal mask (covering the nose) and can choose to change to another mask at the same price. or increase the difference if the model has a higher price, for example, changing to a full face mask (covering the nose and mouth)

      2. Is the mask the same brand as the machine?
      – No, and can choose to change the style or use it in conjunction with any brand of mask.

  2. And when buying a machine, how do you know what kind of mask you get and the price of the mask is not the same again, do they let us choose ourselves?

    1. In the set is a Nasal Mask. It is a standard silicone mask which is used mostly. If you buy a machine with us The price in the set can choose any model of the mask.

      1. I apologize. We do not have a machine for children. Our CPAP machines are only used in adults who weigh 30 kg or more.

  3. If wanting to borrow an Auto machine, what are the steps? How many times can I borrow? How many days each time?

    1. To borrow a test device, fill out the form at this link. Trial CPAP Then wait for the staff to contact you back at the number that we gave you. The first time, the staff will provide initial consultation and ask for details and forward to the staff who are experts about using the CPAP machine. After that, the staff will contact you back to recommend suitable models and make an appointment to send the machine along with a demonstration. The Trial Gym can only be performed once per person. No more than 7 days at a time.

  4. How long do you have to wear it? Or do you have to wear it for the rest of your life?

    1. I have to wear it all the time But it may not be necessary for life. if we can lose weight or exercise Until snoring or sleep apnea has decreased. can stop using the machine or use it from time to time However, you must consult a doctor who treats you first.

    1. There are many prices, ranging from 25,000 to 69,000 baht. Please call us at 02-462-6441, 082-2233-710. Our staff will give advice on suitable models and prices.

  5. Dear doctor, I would like to consult. I don't know how to make an appointment

  6. Your doctor ordered you to use it. I would like to make an appointment to go in for a consultation. Please reply to the email that you gave me too.

  7. If it's inconvenient to go to check but want to use the machine, can I order?

    1. Send details via email already.

  8. ของบริษัท เครื่องเป็นของยี่ห้ออะไรค่ะ

    1. เราเป็นตัวแทนจำหน่ายเครื่อง CPAP ยี่ห้อ ResMed จากออสเตรเลีย และ Philips ของอเมริกาครับ แต่ตอนนี้ยี่ห้อ Philips ยังงดจำหน่ายอยู่ เหลือแต่ของ ResMed ครับ

  9. ขอสอบถาม การทำงานของเครื่อง CPAP ทำงานอย่างไรเมื่อมีหายใจออกจากจมูกจะออกจากหน้ากากอย่างไรครับ

    1. หน้ากากที่ใช้กับเครื่อง CPAP จะเป็นชนิดที่มีรูระบายอากาศออก (vented mask) ดังนั้นลมหายใจออกของเราจะถูกขับออกทางรูดังกล่าวครับ

  10. หากใช้สิทธิ์ข้าราชการและแพทย์สั่งให้ใช้จะสามารถเบิกได้ทั้งจำนวนไหมคะ

    1. สิทธิ์ข้าราชการสามารถเบิกค่าเครื่อง cpap ได้ สูงสุด 20,000 บาทครับ หากราคาเครื่องสูงเกินกว่านั้นเราต้องชำระส่วนที่เกินเองครับ

  11. ขณะใช่เครื่องดันอากาศหายใจเข้าเป็นอากาศปกติ เวลาหายใจออกลมที่ออกมาจะวนกลับเวลาหายใจเข้าอีกรึป่าวครับ

    1. ขออภัยที่ตอบกลับช้านะครับ ขอตอบว่าอากาศที่หายใจออกมาจะไม่วนกลับกลับเวลาหายใจเข้าอีกนะครับ เนื่องจากหน้ากากที่ใช้กับเครื่อง CPAP จะเป็นหน้ากากประเภทที่มีช่องสำหรับระบายอากาศ (Vented mask) ซึ่งมักจะอยู่บริเวณข้อต่อด้านหน้าหรือด้านล่างของที่ครอบจมูก จะเป็นรูเล็กๆ หลายๆ อัน หรือบางรุ่นจะมีลักษณะคล้ายๆ รังผึ้ง ดังนั้นเมื่อเวลาเราหายใจออก ลมที่พ่นมาจากเครื่อง CPAP จะดันเอาอากาศนี้ออกไปทางรูระบายอากาศดังกล่าว ทำให้เราไม่ได้หายใจเอาอากาศเก่ากลับเข้าไปครับ ข้อสังเกตุ: จะมีหน้ากากอีกประเภทที่ไม่มีรูระบายอากาศ (Non-vented mask) จะใช้สำหรับเครื่องช่วยหายใจระดับที่สูงกว่า CPAP โดยจะมีท่อนำอากาศหายใจออกอีกทางหนึ่งโดยเฉพาะ ดังนั้นหากเราใช้ CPAP ต้องใช้หน้ากากประเภท Vented Mask เท่านั้นครับ


อีเมลของคุณจะไม่แสดงให้คนอื่นเห็น ช่องข้อมูลจำเป็นถูกทำเครื่องหมาย *