8 Common Problems Using CPAP Machines And How To Fix Them

Common problems in CPAP

the use of an instrument that blows air into the upper respiratory tract to make the airway wider or not cause obstruction while sleeping, which is called CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) It is suitable for people who suffer from snoring and sleep apnea.Obstructive Sleep Apnea: OSA) which refused treatment with the crown (Oral appliance) or surgery

This tool is used to cover the nose while sleeping. This mask is connected to a machine that can expel positive pressure air. The wind expelled while sleeping will support it. Do not let the airway become obstructed while inhaling.

Treatment with a CPAP machine This is a treatment for snoring. and at best, moderate to severe OSA, which should be considered in all patients. before considering surgery.

8 Common Problems Using CPAP Machines And How To Fix Them


1. Can't stand the pressure level

2. The wind leaks from the mask.

  • tighten the mask
  • Reduce the size of the mask appropriately.
  • Check the air pressure setting whether it is too strong or not.
Cause of air leakage from the mask

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3. pressure marks from the mask or the feeling of tightness from wearing the mask

  • Loosen the mask strap not too tight.
  • Choose a mask that is the right size.
  • Change the size or type of mask.
  • Stop using the machine for some days.

Browse different types of CPAP masks here.

4. nasal congestion

  • Use a saline nasal spray to moisturize before starting the device.
  • Also use CPAP models that have a warm and humidifier air conditioner.
  • use of steroid nasal sprays
  • Taking non-drowsy antihistamines
  • In cases where nasal congestion does not improve You should consult an ear, nose and throat doctor.

5. narrow fear

  • Change the mask type tonostril type
  • Try to insert the device while still awake.
  • Relatives should encourage the patient.

6. insomnia from using the machine

  • Try to insert the device while still awake.
  • avoid coffee and alcohol during the 8 hours before bedtime

7. dry mouth

  • Also use CPAP models that have a warm and humidifier air conditioner.
  • change to useMouth and nose mask
  • usechin strapjoin
  • Drink 1 glass of water before bedtime.
  • You should try to avoid cold air, especially air conditioners, blowing fans if you want to turn on the air conditioner. The temperature of the air conditioner should be set higher than 25 degrees Celsius to avoid too cold air. In case of using a fan, it should not turn on the highest number. and should allow the fan to swing back and forth Avoid direct exposure to air from air conditioners or fans. You should sleep far enough from the air conditioner or fan. or not in the direction of the wind

8. The device fell off accidentally while sleeping.

Source – An article titled “Common Problems in Using CPAP Machines to Treat Snoring and Sleep Apnea.” and solutions"

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Paraya Assanasen
Rhinology and Allergy Branch
Department of Otolaryngology, Nasal Larynxology
Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital
Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital


  1. When using a CPAP machine, why do you have so many dreams? Both good and bad dreams, are they normal?

    1. Normally, people with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) will not have complete cycles of sleep (Sleep stage), especially during deep sleep and dream sleep is absent or very rare. When using a CPAP machine, we will have all levels of sleep. This includes the REM stage, or dream sleep. So frequent dreaming while using a CPAP machine is normal and a good thing.

  2. Tried using the Philip Hospital machine, the pressure felt unnatural, having to breathe at the rhythm of the machine and insomnia when using the machine, dry mouth and throat, usually having nasal congestion while sleeping. Always use it and don't feel comfortable, uncomfortable.

    1. The symptoms described can be adjusted to make it better. But may have to allow the staff to adjust because there are many reasons such as setting the resistance reduction system (Flex), pressure level, humidity level Or the type of mask used. The Philips machine also has many functions that affect its use, which are complex functions such as OptiStart, etc.

      For example, for the symptoms described, it may be caused by improper Flex setup, not using a humidifier. or not enough humidity setting Use a mask that covers your nose, but sleep with your mouth open. Or use a mask that covers the mouth and nose, but the humidity is not enough, etc.

  3. Tried the machine and had a dizziness the next day after use. How can I fix it?

    1. This symptom may be seen in patients with diabetes. But if general users may find it in the range of adjustment from using the machine Because the machine will pressurize air that is higher than normal into the respiratory system. Some people will have symptoms after waking up for about 1-2 hours and will disappear. And usually disappears after using the machine for 2-3 nights, but if there are symptoms of dizziness for several days, such as 3 days or more, or dizziness and even vomiting Stop using the machine and consult a doctor.

  4. I'm using Phillip's CPAP machine from NK company. I've been using it for 1 year and 2 months, but I still have 1 good night's sleep, 2 bad nights. and most recently given a nasal spray But right now I'm not much better. What should I do? Went to the last doctor, the doctor made another appointment 2 months ago, should I change the doctor? please recommend Quality of life is very bad.

    1. I would like to consult with the team first. I will contact you back for advice.

    1. I don't know what model it is. If it's a device purchased from us Please inform the name and surname that you used to buy via LINE @nksleepcare too. Thank you.

  5. If there is a gurgling sound of water and air
    In the nose strap of the redmed10 device, how should I fix it?

    1. The aforementioned symptoms indicate that there is water droplets in the air duct. I don't know what kind of pipes are used. If used as a temperature-controlled pipe (ClimateLine Air Tube), it can be adjusted to heat the pipe surface and not cause condensation in the pipe. But if using it as a normal pipe, you may have to try reducing the heat level of the humidifier (Humidifier) down a little bit until the problem disappears.

  6. I have been using the machine for many years. But after being infected with COVID, the AHI value increased from a single number no more than 5 to 40, some 20, and the wife said that when I used the machine, I snored and slept with my mouth open a little. And the machine still recommends the wind speed from 12-13 to only 6, some 7, some. How should I fix this?

    1. I've read that it may be caused by many reasons, for example:
      1) COVID narrows the airways or nasal passages, causing the AHI to increase. If using an Auto CPAP machine, the air pressure should be higher because the AHI value is higher, but Pinyo's machine suggests a lower air pressure. So I still don't dare to assume that it's caused by this cause.
      2) There may be more central sleep apnea (CSA) than before, which CSA cannot be corrected and will increase the overall AHI.
      3) The machine is abnormal. The response to sleep apnea is not as good as before, so the AHI value is higher.

      to find solutions I would like to know the information as follows.
      1) The machine used is constant pressure or Auto.
      2) Preset pressure level If it's an automatic machine, let me know the min and max pressure.
      3) CPAP machine model

      If such information has been obtained I will continue to recommend.

  7. In the process of testing the apex machine. xt The first night I put it on from 2200 to 0130. My throat was so dry that I had to take off the device. Cell recommends trying another 2 nights, if it's not good, take the model with steam to try. Is this correct? Seeing that coughing is really possible or not?

    1. If you use cpap and your throat is so dry that you cough You need to use a model with a heated humidifier.

  8. Use the experimental equipment provided by the hospital. The problem is that people like to open their mouths while sleeping. Use the chinstrap but it's annoying. and when lying on his side The mask that covers the nose also likes to fall off. Is there any way to fix it?

    1. May have to try it as a nasal pillow mask, which may help reduce air leakage when lying on the side. Or another way that is often used to solve or reduce the leakage of air pressure from opening the mouth Is used as a mask to cover the nose and mouth (Full Face Mask), but this type of mask is more uncomfortable than the two types of masks mentioned above. And there may be side effects such as dry throat or wind in the stomach causing bloating.

  9. ใช้เเล้วมึนหัวครับ มันเป้นอาการปกติไหมครับ ผมใช้มา 3 วันเเล้วครับ

    1. อาจเกิดจากการตั้งค่าแรงดันหรือค่าอื่นๆไม่เหมาะสมได้ รบกวนติดต่อเจ้าหน้าที่ที่ดูแลท่านเพื่อปรึกษาเพิ่มเติมครับ


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