Interesting facts about the problem of snoring and treatment with BiPAP

Treatment of snoring with BiPAP

Snoring in addition to having a negative effect on health. Loud snoring also disturbs close people or people sleeping. The most serious danger caused by severe snoring is sleep apnea. (Read the article about 3 Types of Sleep Apnea) for a non-surgical treatment approach And how it is very popular is treatment. CPAP respirator or treated with BiPAP machine

Interesting facts about the problem of snoring

snoring problem Both normal and normal snoring that does not have a serious effect on health. And snoring that is so severe that it causes the person who snores to have intermittent apnea while sleeping, causing them to wake up often, are all problems that affect their health and have a direct impact on their lives. such as

  • In case of mild snoring causing a lack of self-confidence when working or doing activities that require sleeping together as a group
  • moderate to severe snoring This results in sleep apnea that can be very dangerous to the patient.
  • It is a problem with everyday life, such as being sleepy all the time or being sleepy during the day. Because sleep apnea causes frequent waking up.
  • affect work function Lack of sleep can lead to a decrease in productivity. and also cause accidents at work easily

How to treat snoring

Snoring is a health problem that can be treated. And the treatment can also be done in many ways, such as treating snoring by surgery. and cure snoring without surgery Both methods of treatment have advantages, disadvantages and different procedures as follows.

  1. Treatment of snoring with surgery
    Snoring Treatment The surgical method is also divided into 2 approaches: using a high-frequency radio device to pendant into the narrowed airway, such as the nasal septum around the base of the tongue and soft palate. The second approach includes tonsil surgery. Tonsillectomy is a major cause of snoring. Surgery is often used to improve the sound of snoring. But not all sleep apnea treatments can be improved. It is a complementary treatment to other methods.
  2. Treat snoring without surgery.
    Patients with sleep apnea There are many ways to treat snoring without surgery as follows:
    • Treatment by nasal steroid medication once a day before bedtime The advantages of treating this method are will cause the nasal mucosa to collapse and swell This clears the airway and makes the sound of snoring softer.
    • change sleep By lying head slightly elevated, about 30 degrees from the horizontal line. Will help reduce swelling of the tissues in the upper respiratory tract. Avoid sleeping on your back as it increases upper airway obstruction. Should sleep in the side position, may use a bolster to support the back to prevent lying on the back during the time when the patient is unable to sleep without knowing
    • Reduce body weight in cases where snoring patients are overweight or obesity There will be enough fat around the neck. or upper respiratory tract The narrowing of the upper airway should reduce the weight to the level recommended by the doctor.
    • Treatment using a ventilator It is the use of medical equipment, which is available in 2 types: CPAP machine, which is a breathing machine that covers the nose or covers both the mouth and nose of the patient while sleeping, and the BiPAP machine, which is a 2-level pressure breathing machine suitable for patients who snoring. Severe stage and sleep apnea

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Treatment of snoring with BiPAP

Treatment of snoring with BiPAP It is a non-surgical treatment. The advantage is that BiPAP is a medical device that has been proven effective in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. The operation of the machine uses 2 levels of pressure, that is, the machine will compress gas or air at high pressure during the patient's inhalation. and relieve pressure during exhalation Can adjust the pressure level to suit the patient's condition

Benefits of CPAP and BiPAP ventilator therapy

  1. The BiPAP is a medical device recognized by doctors and snoring specialists from around the world to effectively treat patients with sleep apnea.
  2. For the use of a CPAP machine as a primary medical treatment for snoring, if used regularly every night, it will have a positive effect on health. No more snoring problems. Reduce the risk of sleep apnea Reduce the risk of diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease.
  3. CPAP and BiPAP ventilator treatments are easily available, eliminating the need to travel abroad to purchase or order them. because it can be purchased from the dealer center in Thailand There are many models and brands.
  4. For treating snoring with a CPAP machine and a BiPAP machine if the patient is not ready to buy a new machine. Many dealers offer rental and sales of used CPAP and BiPAP ventilators of all makes and models at special prices. It is a facilitator for the patient.
  5. Persons eligible for reimbursement of medical expenses You can reimburse CPAP machines and BiPAP machines at 20,000 baht each. If there is an excess or the machine is more expensive than 20,000, the patient will be responsible for the difference (see CPAP machine price and BiPAP machine price each version here)

For the treatment of both mild snoring and severe snoring With CPAP machines and BiPAP machines, which are medical devices or devices imported for sale by the official distributor in Thailand. The treatment should therefore be diagnosed and advised directly by the treating physician or specialist from the distributor.


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