What is BiPAP, who is it suitable for and how is it different from CPAP?

What is BiPAP?

What is BiPAP?

BiPAP is Ventilator Bi-level Positive Airwar Pressure (BiPAP) can be set to different levels of air pressure during inhalation and exhalation.

For example, when inhaling, the pressure is 15 cmH2O, while exhaling, the pressure is 6 cmH2O, etc.

The BiPAP is used to treat people with snoring or severe sleep apnea. that requires high pressure in treatment, such as 15 cmH2O or more

because the exhalation pressure can be set to be low thus making it easier for the user to exhale Reduces discomfort due to having to exhale against the force of the air that the machine blows out

BiPAP machine price ranges from 95,000 – 125,000 baht. In most cases, doctors often require patients to use the BiPAP device in conjunction with Oxygen Concentrator so that the body receives sufficient amounts of oxygen

Who is BiPAP suitable for?

Snoring is a health problem that can happen to people of all genders and ages. and can occur in both children and adults Snoring can be a serious health problem. Moderate to severe snoring with sleep apnea

For treatment, there are many options such as surgical treatment. and non-surgical treatment The most popular is the use of a positive pressure ventilator.

General cases of snoring that may disturb close people and are not at a serious stage. may be treated with a CPAP machine

For people who have sleep apnea or have moderate to severe snoring. that requires high pressure to maintain The best equipment for treatment is the BiPAP machine.

How is BiPAP different from CPAP?

Medical devices that are respirators that are commonly used in conjunction with masks to treat people who snorer or have obstructed respiratory problems are of 2 types:

  1. Dual-stage positive pressure device or BiPAP machine
  2. Devices that provide constant positive pressure include: CPAP machine

The BiPAP machine produces different pressures as you inhale and exhale. Used to treat people with severe sleep apnea. which requires high therapeutic pressure, such as more than 15 cmH2O or more, or used to treat people with respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

On the other hand, CPAP machines will provide the same pressure for both inhalation and exhalation. Used to treat people with sleep apnea at all levels. but does not require very high maintenance pressure, for example, below 15 cmH2O etc.

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Operation of the BiPAP machine

The BiPAP has a working principle for ventilation. (Ventilation) by using compressed air at high pressure during inhalation. and relieve pressure during exhalation This causes expansion of the lungs and reduces the resistance of the blocked airway.

Simply put, it is the use of a blowtorch in the upper respiratory tract. The air blown in will widen the airways. causing no obstruction of the airway

Suitable for patients with moderate to severe snoring and sleep apnea. The advantage of BiPAP is that the pressure can be adjusted according to the patient's condition.

The BiPAP is a highly effective medical device for the treatment of snoring. The wind pressure will help open and expand. and stretch the blocked upper airway to widen or open up

making it suitable for patients with normal snoring problems The advantage is that the current BiPAP device is small and can be carried anywhere. It's quite convenient.

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Setting up the BiPAP machine

BiPAP machines have the following basic settings:

  • Mode : BiPAP can set the operation mode as follows.
    • Spontaneous (S Mode) – The patient determines the rhythm and rate of breathing by himself.
    • Timed (T Mode) – The machine determines the rhythm and breathing rate for all patients.
    • Spontaneous/Timed (S/T Mode) – The patient determines the rhythm and rate of breathing. until the respiratory rate is lower than the specified value The machine will adjust to Timed Mode.
    • CPAP Mode – constant pressure release machine Equal in both inhalation and exhalation rhythms
    • Optional Modes – other modes depending on the model of the machine such as PCV, SIMV
  • Backup Rate : Determine the minimum respiratory rate, measured in Breaths per minute (BPM). If the patient has a breathing rate lower than this value The machine will adjust to Timed Mode to automatically help the patient breathe.
  • IPAP : The pressure level that the machine will release during the inhalation stroke.
  • EPAP : The pressure level that the machine will release during the exhalation stroke.
  • Ramp: Can set the device to release air pressure at a low level. at the beginning
Patient with BiPAP A40 and mask

Benefits of BiPAP

The BiPAP device helps to treat the following diseases:

  • snoring, and sleep apnea severe
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • neuromuscular disease Neuromuscular Disease
  • other respiratory diseases

snoring caused by health problems such as Suffering from flu or allergies that make it difficult to breathe and having to breathe through the mouth until the sound of snoring When taking care of your health, snoring can disappear on its own or is it a mild snoring? and no apnea during sleep

But loud snoring can be a problem for those close to you. It's just that it doesn't have much impact on yourself. The dangers caused by severe snoring include:

  • have sleep apnea That can be very dangerous and cause death.
  • periodic apnea cause insufficient oxygen to the brain Makes you sleepy during the day, affecting work and driving performance.
  • Sleep apnea causes insufficient oxygen in the blood. If it happens for a long time. cause toxins in the blood and lead to Diseases of the cardiovascular system Nervous system disease and brain
  • sleep apnea debilitating When you wake up, you will feel unrefreshed, easily irritated, or may have depression.
  • severe snoring It also results in decreased sexual performance or sexual dysfunction as well.


for severe snoring and have sleep apnea BiPAP therapy is another effective treatment option for snoring. And it's not difficult to find and buy. because there is an official distributor in Thailand Many models and brands with experts on respirators Always give advice and after-sales service throughout the lifetime.


  1. I snore without doing a sleep test. Which model should I buy?

    1. Recommend to consult a doctor. The doctor may or may not recommend doing a sleep test first. And if you need to be treated with a CPAP machine, the doctor will recommend a type such as a constant pressure machine. or a machine that automatically adjusts the pressure including the pressure used for treatment This information will be taken into consideration by cpap officials in selecting the appropriate machine model for you.

    1. BiPAP with fixed pressure (Fixed) The unit continuously releases inspiratory pressure (IPAP) and expiratory pressure (EPAP) at a user-defined pressure value. Used to set IPAP/EPAP pressure to a pressure range, such as Min IPAP = 6 / Max IPAP = 15, etc. Then the device will automatically adjust the air pressure but will be within the value we set. Both types of machines are suitable for different groups of patients. If a patient with respiratory disease Physicians tend to use it as a fixed BiPAP, but for patients with severe sleep apnea. The doctor will use it as Auto BiPAP.


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