Procedure for Requesting a Trial CPAP Machine with NK Sleepcare

Procedure for Requesting a CPAP Trial

If you have been diagnosed by a doctor that there is a risk of sleep apnea Or it may be confirmed that this disease is definitely from the results of the sleep test (Sleep test) or some people may have snoring. that although may not have apnea But he snored too loudly. until it becomes a social problem or with a partner

Doctors often recommend trying a CPAP machine as their first treatment option. It may be recommended to modify certain behaviors along with such as adjusting sleeping behavior, refraining from alcohol, refraining from smoking, or losing weight, etc. (Read more Different ways to cure snoring)

that snoring Caused by narrowing of the upper airway Until it causes vibration and flutter until it causes a snoring sound.

which the working principle of the CPAP machine will enterSolve problems at the root cause by blowing air pressure through the nose or mouth through the throat and base of the tongue, which is the upper respiratory tract to open and expand all the time And not to have obstruction while sleeping, the result is no snoring. as well as preventing the occurrence of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

If you want to know more about CPAP machines in detail, I recommend reading this article: What is CPAP?

In Thailand, there are quite a few companies that sell CPAP machines, and most of them offer free trials. The reason why the device must be tried first is to see how much it can cure your snoring and sleep apnea. How do you respond to use? And for you to consider whether it's the right way for you or not.

This is because using a CPAP machine takes some time to adjust. And not everyone can use it. After reading up to here, don't be afraid first. Actually, it's not that difficult or scary to use. I think it's like When wearing glasses for the first time, at first you may feel annoyed or have a headache and some eye pain, but after using it, you will get used to it. and feel good about it to the point that it may not be used at all Now comes the important step, which is to find a CPAP machine to try.

Procedure for Requesting a Trial CPAP Machine with NK Sleepcare

  1. go to the product page CPAP machine special price To study to see what kind of machine you are interested in trying, which model, mainly, see if you want a constant pressure machine (Manual CPAP) or an automatic pressure adjustment machine (Auto CPAP). The Auto machine is more expensive than the Manual type. Yes, then look at the features of each model that you like. Some models are small and easy to carry. Can be used with a backup battery
  2. Go to the registration link –> Try a free CPAP machine You must fill in details such as contact number, delivery address. And specify the model you want to try, etc. If you don't know which model you should use. Just specify that we can choose for you. (For delivery outside Bangkok area There will be a deposit first. please read the details from the registration page)
  3. Then the staff will contact you back. To explain and ask for more details and to make an appointment to send the device further. We will try to deliver the device within a week. But sometimes the staff may not be able to specify the delivery date immediately. Because at that time there may be a lot of interested people contacting to reserve the queue. In this case, the staff will ask to return to clear the queue first. and will contact you again to confirm the appointment date to send the next device I apologize for the inconvenience here.
  4. The staff will deliver the device to you. Ready to explain the basic usage.
  5. You try to use the machine for 3-7 days.
  6. Officer to pick up the device back to the company (or you ship it back to us in the case of outside Bangkok) and download the results of use summarized as a report sent to you so that you can continue to consult a doctor

It is very helpful to try out a CPAP machine before you buy it. You will find out how much the use of a CPAP machine can cure your snoring. In the next chapter, I'll talk about using the CPAP machine the first night, getting used to it. Including solving various problems that may be found

Measures to clean the experimental machine (demo machine) during Covid-19


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