Dissecting the CPAP machine price structure and factors that affect the price.

CPAP machine price structure

If you are shopping for a CPAP machine in the market, you will find that there are many models and prices, which may cause you to be confused and worried that you will make a wrong decision. Today I will dissect the price structure of this machine for you in detail.

There are different types of CPAP machines. And it consists of main equipment and various accessories. You can read in-depth details. from this article => What is CPAP? How is it useful?

At this point, everyone probably knows quite a bit about CPAP machines, and the content in this section is necessary for you to know. in order to understand more in the content that I will talk about next

Next, I'll explain what factors the price of a CPAP machine depends on. Which will be sorted from the factors that affect the price the most to the least.

Factors Affecting CPAP Machine Price

1. Types of CPAP machines

CPAP machines can be divided into 3 types, arranged in descending order of price as follows:

  • Manual CPAP / Fixed CPAP – Fixed pressure CPAP machine => have the lowest price
  • Auto CPAP / APAP – Pressure Auto CPAP Machine => more expensive
  • Bi-level PAP / BiPAP – 2-level pressurized PAP => most expensive

click to view CPAP machine price Each model can be found here.

CPAP Philips model DreamStation Auto CPAP with humidifier

If you use CPAP pressure is not very high (the criteria that our company uses that is not more than 8 cmH2O), it may be considered as a type of Manual CPAP Yes, which will be the cheapest of the three types.

These types of CPAP machines provide constant pressure throughout the night. Therefore, you need to know the appropriate pressure level for treatment. You will know from doing a sleep test that adjusts the CPAP pressure on the night of the examination (CPAP Titration is also performed). Manual CPAP prices start at around 20,000 – 35,000 baht.

But if you use a higher pressure treatment, for example more than 8 cmH2O or more, I usually recommend using a machine. Auto CPAP Because the machine will provide high pressure only in the necessary range. other parts that does not require high pressure The machine will adjust to a low pressure level. Give as appropriate, automatic recording throughout the night.

The price of the Auto CPAP machine is more expensive than the manual type, which will cost about 38,000 – 85,000 baht, depending on the accessories that will be mentioned later as well.

In some people with severe symptoms and requires a very high treatment pressure, such as 15 – 25 cmH2O. BiPAP machine (2 pressure levels) that can set the pressure in the inhalation stroke to one value And the pressure in the exhalation rhythm is another value that is different.

Because those who need high air pressure for treatment will have a very uncomfortable problem in the exhalation rhythm. Because you have to breathe in the opposite direction to the airflow coming out of the machine

Therefore, we will set the exhalation pressure to a low value to make exhalation easier. For example, the inhalation pressure is 20 cmH2O, the exhalation pressure is 15 cmH2O, etc.

BiPAP machines are the most expensive. Especially the Auto BiPAP machine that can automatically adjust to find the right pressure for you. The BiPAP machine will cost from 90,000 – 130,000 baht.

Click here to view Prices for various BiPAP machines ours as a guideline

2. Equipment

Another factor that affects the price of a CPAP machine is the accessories available. Because when using a CPAP machine, in addition to having a main device as a basis, many people will use various accessories. more as well This may be for added convenience reasons. Or some doctors may recommend additional use as well.

main device

is a must-have device If one of them is missing You will not be able to use the CPAP machine, consisting of

  1. CPAP machine (CPAP Machine)
  2. CPAP Mask (CPAP Mask)
  3. Air Tubing
  4. Power cables and adapters (Power supply)
A CPAP machine is a snoring device.


is a device that may or may not be available But many people often use it to increase the convenience of use. Popular are as follows:

  1. Humidifiers
  2. Heated tube
  3. Special bag for traveling (Travel case)
  4. Chin strap
  5. External battery
  6. Ozone sterilizer
  7. other

If you purchase these additional devices It will also increase the price of your CPAP machine. You can try CPAP accessory price Different types of NK Sleepcare can be a guideline.

3. Brand or Brand

Another factor that affects the price of a device is its brand or brand. If you compare the same type of CPAP machine and the accessories are the same. You will find that the price for each brand will be different.

If it's a brand made in America or Europe The price will be higher than brands made in China or Asia. This factor is directly related to quality, performance and functionality. of the machine as well

Another point that should be noted is For some brands, the country of ownership of the brand and the country of manufacture may be different, for example, a European brand is made in China, for example. The way to see is to turn over to look at the information label under the machine. which will indicate where it is produced, such as Made in …

in the same type of machine But different brands may have different prices in the tens of thousands.

4. Types of masks

This has the least effect on the price because CPAP mask price Each type, each model will have a different price of no more than 1,000 – 3,000 baht, approximately, which some companies that sell CPAP machines may set a specific price for the device. As for the mask, you can add it separately depending on the desired model.

If you buy a device from us, this factor will not affect the total price. Because the price of all our machines is the price that includes the mask. Which you can choose to change to all models of masks without having to pay extra.

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Prices for CPAP machines can vary greatly depending on various factors. As I have mentioned above. Therefore, if you are looking for a CPAP machine and have budget problems. You may consider various factors. to see where it affects the total price. To consider cutting out or choosing to change to make the price cheaper. I wish you all good luck and better health from using the machine. See you again in the next article.


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