Warranty conditions for CPAP/BiPAP machines

  1. The company offers a 3 year warranty for the CPAP machine and 2 years for the BiPAP machine from the date of purchase. (Only the device) accessories are not included)
  2. The company guarantees the product only in case of manufacturing defects. which will be corrected without charge
  3. The company does not guarantee in the following cases.
    • Using the wrong type of product or for the wrong purpose
    • Caused by user error such as falling, bumping, getting wet
    • Apply to use with electrical systems that are not 220V/1P/50Hz or electrical systems that have abnormal power such as power outages, brownouts, overloads, and surges.
    • Damage from natural disasters such as floods, fires, lightning, earthquakes, etc.
    • The product has been modified or modified by a person not appointed by the company.

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