Philips DreamStation Go Auto CPAP + Humidifier + Battery + Mask

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An auto-adjusting pressure PAP device for the treatment of snoring and OSA in spontaneously breathing patients.

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DreamStation GO Auto CPAP delivers positive airway pressure therapy for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in spontaneously breathing patients weighing over 30 kg (66 lbs.). It is for use in the home or hospital/institutional environment.

  • Automatic pressure adjustment to delivery the most optimal therapy pressure throughout the night.
  • Pressure Range 4-20 cmH2O
  • Light weight with compack size (15.08 x 15.08 x 5.88 cm.)
  • Ramp feature reduces the pressure at the begining of your sleep to help you falling sleep easier.
  • Smart Ramp increases pressure automatically when detects the apnea events during ramp time.
  • Performance Check machine’s automatic checking the overall functionality with one button.
  • Flex comfort feature reduces pressure during exhalation to increase patient’s comfort.
  • Ambient light sensor detects the room’s light level and adjust the brightness of the LCD screen automatically.
  • Can be used with external battery.
  • Can be used with heated humidifier
  • Can charge the mobile phone.

DreamStation Go Auto CPAP top down

DreamStation Go Auto CPAP touch screen with tube

Color LCD – Touch Screen

With rotatable knob to change the menu.

DreamStation Go Auto CPAP touchscreen


DimensionsDevice: 150.8 x 150.8 x 58.8 mm (5.937” L x 5.937” W x 2.315” H)
Battery Pack: 122 x 150.8 x 58.8 mm (4.803” L x 5.937” W x 2.315” H)
WeightDevice: Approximately 854 g (1.88 lb.)
Battery Pack: Approximately 696 g (1.53 lb.)
AC Power Consumption100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A
USB Charging Port Output5 VDC, 7.5 W (1.5 A)
Sound Pressure Level30.4 dB(A) (using 12 mm. tubing type)
Pressure Increments4.0 - 20.0 cmH2O (in 0.5 cmH2O increments)
Pressure Deviation± 1.0 cmH2O (at pressure 10 cmH2O and using 12 mm. tubing type)

Package Includes:

*You can change to any mask of your choise.


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